How To Beat The Delivery Rush This Valentines Day

Valentines Day is just a few weeks away and even though we have just got over the festive period, we are already thinking about what we are going to buy our loved ones for the 14th February. With there being such a wide choice of options, especially online, it is immensely likely that the parcel delivery rush for Valentines Day is going to be busy this year. So, how do we beat this rush? Let’s take a closer look, below.

Order Earlier

It can be very easy for us to leave ordering gifts until the last minute due to delivery services offering same day and next day delivery options. However, with this mentality being popular amongst the many that celebrate Valentines Day, everyone else will be ordering their gifts at the same time.

Therefore, get ahead of your fellow love birds and order earlier. By ordering weeks in advance, you can rest assured that your delivery will arrive on time. In addition to this, if you need any alterations made to the gift, such as a different size or if it isn’t what it looked like online, you have plenty of time to send it back and have it back in time for your romantic evening.

Get Your Measurements Right

If you are sending a gift to your loved one because they live far away or you thought it would be a romantic gesture, you need to make sure the measurements are right. This includes the weight, length, width, and depth so that the price can be calculated correctly and the courier can deliver your parcel quickly and efficiently.

Click And Collect

One of the new methods everyone is using today, which was particularly popular over the festive period, was using click and collect. This simple and effective option not only saves you money but means that you can get your parcel quicker than if you were to have it delivered during the Valentines rush.

Simply choose click and collect when you pay online and then visit the store when you get an email confirmation that your purchase is in store. As you have already paid online, you just have to show the staff your receipt in your email and they will give you your item. In some cases, what you have purchased is already in the store, so you can click and collect on the same day.

When you buy your gift online, you can even choose for it to be sent to the store that is closest to you, making it an incredibly convenient process.

Choose A Reliable Courier

Choose a renowned courier that you know is used to buy periods and will work to ensure that you get your parcel in time. You want to make sure that the courier that you use is reliable and trustworthy, otherwise, your parcel could spend days in transit before reaching you, which could damage it, especially if they are flowers for Valentines Day.

Hopefully, these top tips will help you to beat the delivery rush this Valentines Day, so you can just concentrate on having a perfect day/evening with the one you love!