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    The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago is a twin island located off the north of South America. It is just 6.8 miles off the coast of Venezuela and 81 miles south of Grenada. The country has around 1.5 million residents and is known worldwide for its party-like atmosphere, which attracts many visitors.

    The islands of Trinidad and Tobago have changed colonial hands between Spain, England, France and the Netherlands – more than any other islands in the Caribbean. They were finally ceded to Britain in 1802 under the Treaty of Amiens before finally obtaining independence in 1962.

    The country has a very strong economy as is recognised by the World Bank which ranks it as a high-income economy. This is attributed to the large resources of petroleum and petrochemicals which the industry heavily relies on. The country also relies on agriculture to sustain its economy, the most common European exports include citrus and cocoa products. There is an increasing tourist industry with many visitors from the UK. Many of these choose to stay for an extended period of time and want to use our cheap courier services to Trinidad and Tobago to have extra luggage, belongings and home comforts shipped over.

    The country maintains close relations with its neighbours but also with North America and Europe. As most of the country is English speaking, it makes the UK an ideal trading partner, and so cheap shipping to Trinidad and Tobago from UK is as important as ever. As the boom continues in the mining industry there are a number of large UK companies involved in the region, with employees sent out for long periods of time. Overall, courier and passenger traffic is increasing in popularity between the UK and Trinidad and Tobago, with prices gradually decreasing, meaning those looking for a cheap courier to Trinidad and Tobago are in luck.

    Parcel Delivery To Trinidad And Tobago

    Cheap courier to Trinidad and Tobago is very simple when compared to many of its neighbouring countries. The infrastructure is very good with an extensive network of paved roads. There are several multi-lane highways, although traffic on the islands is heavy. The international airport went through a series of expansions in 2001 and now operates frequent courier services – and all of this means that parcel delivery UK to Trinidad and Tobago is easier than ever before. There are some rural districts which are harder to reach; these areas do have a slightly longer delivery timescale when it comes to cheap parcel delivery to Trinidad and Tobago. There is a port which takes international courier shipments, making sea freight quick and simple to send a parcel to Trinidad and Tobago from anywhere in the world.

    Delivery Prices To Send A Parcel To Trinidad And Tobago

    Cheap parcel delivery to Trinidad and Tobago starts at around £28.00 and takes just 3 days, which is fantastic considering the distance. This is for a small 1kg parcel which is delivered via air freight. If you are sending a large, heavy parcel, this can cost in the region of £130.00 for a 20kg parcel. There are a number of Trinidad and Tobago parcel delivery options to choose from including fast air freight deliveries and slower, cheaper sea freight options.

    We are well known for providing cheap delivery to Trinidad and Tobago. We work with a number of couriers who are known for their fantastic prices, quick delivery times and also their excellent reliability when it comes to Trinidad and Tobago parcel delivery. Each day we check the current prices and update our website to pass on any savings to our customers. If you do happen to find a cheaper quote, please let us know, we will do our best to negotiate a better deal for you.

    It is simple to find great, cheap shipping to Trinidad and Tobago from UK; all you need are your collection address, delivery address and parcel’s weight and dimensions. Simply enter these into our handy to use parcel calculator and our website will do all the hard work for you. You will be presented with a number of couriers to choose from who offer parcel delivery to Trinidad and Tobago, and can fill your delivery needs. Each courier will be able to collect from your home or work address, and some are even able to collect from a convenient pickup point such as a Post Office or local shop, even with a cheap courier to Trinidad and Tobago.

    As soon as your parcel delivery UK to Trinidad and Tobago is collected from your chosen location it will become fully traceable. This is great for both you and the recipient as you will both know where the parcel is at all times. When you send a parcel to Trinidad and Tobago, the delivery drivers and processing facilities will each scan the parcel as it is received and leaves their point of contact. It is unusual that there are any issues, but if it does happen, the parcel can be easily located.

    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To Trinidad And Tobago

    Parcel delivery UK to Trinidad and Tobago does involve clearance through customs. This is because the country is not part of the European Union and so there are no trade agreements in place for the free movement of goods across the border. If your parcel delivery to Trinidad and Tobago does get stopped by customs, this could add 4-6 weeks onto the delivery time, although it is impossible to predict exactly how long this could take. You could also be liable to pay import taxes on your cheap delivery to Trinidad and Tobago; however, it is not possible to estimate what these are, as they are decided upon the point of entry to the country.

    The courier will assist you with all the paperwork. You will be sent a customs declaration form and a commercial invoice for your parcel delivery to Trinidad and Tobago from UK. The form needs to be completed to explain exactly what is in the parcel and also what the value is. The more detail you can include the better, by describing the contents accurately there will be less of a hold up and less chance of rejection. The commercial invoice needs to be included regardless of whether a monetary transaction has taken place.

    When packing your items ensure you choose a sturdy box which can be easily stacked for transport, this should be wrapped with strong parcel tape. If you are sending a delicate item it is possible to purchase a box marked as ‘FRAGILE’, many of these also include arrows to indicate which way the box should be held. Plenty of bubble wrap should be included and any moving parts should be secured, this will protect the parcel from any knocks and bangs. It is important to attach the customs documentation in a securely attached document holder. Lost importation documents are the most common reason for a parcel being refused entry into a country.

    You should take care when writing the address, especially if the place name has an unusual spelling. If the destination address is located in a very rural area, many people choose to add coordinates to help pinpoint the delivery location. If you have any queries, the Universal Postal Union will be able to advise you on exact address spellings and also how to correctly format the address. It is advisable to include a contact telephone number for the recipient wherever possible. If there are any hold ups or if the courier is struggling to find the address, a quick phone call can solve the situation immediately.

    There are a number of import restrictions you should be aware of. These include a number of items which you would expect to find on a prohibited list such as aerosols, weapons, ammunition, drugs, mobile phones and money. There are a number of items which are specifically restricted in Trinidad and Tobago, including a variety of coins, camouflage, toy guns, indecent and obscene prints, and anything which infringes copyright. If you would like to check current restrictions, HM Revenue and Customs will be able to provide an up-to-date list.

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