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    Saint Lucia is an island country and sovereign state located in the eastern Caribbean Sea. Part of the Lesser Antilles, the island is neighboured by St Vincent, Barbados, and Martinique. Originally settled by the French, Saint Lucia was contested for over 150 years, with the rule of the island changing no less than 13 times between the French and the British. Saint Lucia gained independence in 1979 and is a proud member state of the Commonwealth of Nations. The island was named after St Lucy of Syracuse by the first European settlers, and remains the only country in the world named after a woman.

    There has never been a better time for cheap parcel delivery to St Lucia. Postal service providers across the UK offer a fast and efficient service for parcel delivery to St Lucia by the next working day. Cheap delivery to Saint Lucia from UK, of course, will take a little longer than that, but there is a host of postal services available that will be suitable for you and your budget. At Parcel Delivery, we can help you find the best St Lucia parcel delivery courier service for you.

    Parcel Delivery To St Lucia

    Finding cheap courier services to St Lucia from the UK has never been easier, or quicker. There are dozens of postal service providers who can complete St Lucia parcel delivery by the next working day, so long as it is dispatched on time. Saint Lucia is in Zone 12 of the Worldwide Postal Directory. Traditionally, it costs more to send parcels to this zone, though Saint Lucia’s historic links with the UK mean that prices remain competitive. Nevertheless, it remains important to search for a cheap courier to St Lucia.

    It is worthwhile taking extra care with how you package the contents of your cheap parcel delivery to St Lucia. Wrapping each item in the box individually in bubble-wrap, or other padded material will offer better protection the contents of your parcels whilst en route. When you send a parcel to St Lucia, use heavy duty boxes (corrugated cardboard is ideal for the job) and strong packing tape to seal them. It may add to the weight of the final parcel delivery UK to St Lucia, but the parcel will be stronger, safer and more secure.

    Another thing to take care of when you come to send a parcel to St Lucia, it is vital that the recipient’s address on your parcel delivery to St Lucia cannot be easily damaged or smudged. Covering the address label with clear sticking tape, or putting it into a plastic window that can be securely fixed on to the parcel, are both highly recommended. Likewise, remember to fasten your customs documents securely to the parcel.

    Delivery Prices To Send A Parcel To Saint Lucia

    Depending on the company you use, the service you require, and the weight and size of the item, cheap shipping to St Lucia can start from under £10.00. Of course, it will take longer to deliver your parcel using a cheap courier to St Lucia, but it’s useful to know such services exist. There are premium delivery options, which are much faster (delivery can take place by the next working day, so long as the parcel is dispatched by a certain time), but for which the charges are necessarily higher.

    There is regular trade between Saint Lucia and the UK, with the island being one of the most heavily trafficked in the Caribbean. With strong historical, social, and trade-based links with the UK, this is a situation which is likely to remain. There are many opportunities for trade with Saint Lucia and, like many island nations, foreign imports are not only desirable but an essential part of Saint Lucian life – and cheap delivery to St Lucia can help with this.

    We can help you find the best postal service for your parcel delivery UK to St Lucia, at a price that best suits your budget.

    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To Saint Lucia

    Addressing your Parcel

    Cheap shipping to St Lucia is quick and efficient, so long as the parcel is addressed correctly.

    Post is rarely delivered direct to the addressee in Saint Lucia. Instead, when you send a parcel to St Lucia, the post is held at the nearest sub post-office and the Saint Lucians will visit there to pick up their parcel delivery to St Lucia from UK. There are private letter boxes, but these are also maintained within the individual post offices, and must be collected by their owners. Therefore, a typical Saint Lucia address will consist of the recipient’s name, their address, community, or area (of Post Office Box if they use one), followed by the name of their local Post Office, the administrative area, and then the post code. It will be apparent, that Saint Lucian postcodes refer to a Post Office, rather than an individual address.

    For example: a parcel delivery to St Lucia from UK to a person living in the Trou Halhal area of Dennery on Saint Lucia would read as follows: Mr A. N. Other, Trou Halhal, Aux Lyons Post Office, Dennery, LC17 201, Saint Lucia.

    Prohibited and Restricted Items

    It is important to be aware, before preparing your parcel delivery from the UK to St Lucia, of any prohibited or restricted items that may not be sent through the post.

    A good place to look in the first instance is the official Government of Saint Lucia Postal Service website, which keeps a list of currently prohibited imports. These are extensive, and include the following items:

    • Live animals and animal products – including meat, offal, fish, crustaceans and molluscs, dairy produce, birds’ eggs, and honey
    • Vegetable products – including live trees and plants; roots and bulbs, cut flowers and ornamental foliage; vegetables, fruits, tubers, nuts, and citrus and melon peel; coffee, tea, and spices; seeds, oleaginous fruits, and grains; industrial or medicinal plants; straw and fodder; vegetable saps, resins, gums, and lac; and vegetable plaiting materials
    • Prepared foodstuffs – including beverages, vinegar, and spirits
    • Tobacco and tobacco substitutes
    • Explosives, fireworks, matches, and other combustible preparations
    • Raw hides and skins, leather, furskins and artifical furs, and articles of animal gut
    • Wood, charcoal, cork, straw, basketware, and wickerwork
    • Footwear, headgear, umbrellas, walking-sticks, whips, sun umbrellas, seat-sticks, and riding crops
    • Prepared feathers, artificial flowers, and human hair
    • Machinery and mechanical appliances – including electrical equipment, sound recorders and reproducers, television image and sound recorders and reproducers
    • Nuclear reactors
    • Boilers
    • Vehicles, aircraft, and vessels, other than railway or tramway rolling-stock
    • Arms and ammunition

    If you are unsure if your parcel delivery to St Lucia contains items that fall into any of these categories, you are recommended to contact the Government of Saint Lucia in the first instance. Saint Lucia is an English-speaking nation, so it should be easy enough to conduct correspondence by email.

    There are other items that you are prohibited from sending through the post under any circumstances. You are advised to check the full prohibitions and restrictions list maintained by the Universal Postal Union.


    Though a former British colony, and a member of the Commonwealth, Saint Lucia is a sovereign nation, and so any St Lucia parcel delivery must pass through Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs. From your end, all that is required is the filling in of a customs declaration form, which is a very simple and standard piece of paperwork. You are confirming the size, weight, and value of the parcel, describing the contents, and declaring that, to your knowledge, it does not contain any prohibited or restricted items.

    If you’re looking for cheap courier services to St Lucia, take a look at our comparison tool here today, and don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions.