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    Micronesia is a magnificent part of the Pacific Islands continent that spans four main tropical islands, including Palau and Kiribati, and is surrounded by thousands more. A true wonder of nature, it’s no wonder that tourists have fallen in love with this beautiful part of the world over recent years, bringing with them the need for connections with the UK, including excellent mail delivery services for those that want to send a parcel to Micronesia.

    Sending a package to exotic parts of the world can be a complicated process for several reasons. With Parcel Delivery, we aim to help you make the wisest decisions when you send a parcel to Micronesia, by comparing the costs of doing so between various reliable and trustworthy shipping and freight offerings in the UK. Why are the costs of sending parcels abroad so complicated? Why, even once we finally get to grips with them, can they tend to be so high? We aim to answer your questions below.

    These shipping costs come down to several factors:

    Security – For obvious reasons, packages sent via your chosen cheap courier to Micronesia that make their way overseas are subject to a thorough check for suspicious or dangerous items, much like luggage at security in an airport, to ensure that the contents are safe, are legal, and pose no harm to anyone during transit or upon arrival – in this case through Micronesia parcel delivery.

    This, of course, takes time, which can make the transit length greater, and the cost could become higher for the customer because of this. However, a longer delivery time could also mean cheap parcel delivery to Micronesia, so make sure you use our comparison tool to find out for yourself! You will likely find that these sorts of security expectations are found using every transit service, as they are a legal requirement in many countries, although it is not unheard of for transit organisations to go above and beyond with these checks, for their own security and the security of others in the parcel delivery to Micronesia from UK process.

    Taxes – Import and export duties are unavoidable when it comes to parcel delivery to Micronesia, and can often be an additional cost for you to consider when posting something, so it may be worth considering what duties you will be liable to pay. An explanation of what your legal allowances are can be found at the bottom of this page so you aren’t left surprised by any extra costs with your cheap parcel delivery to Micronesia.

    Depending on the type of duty, you may be expected to pay it upon postage, (perhaps as part of the fee you pay the provider) or your recipient may need to pay a fee to receive their parcel when the cheap courier services to Micronesia are complete. Be wary that random checks are carried out on packages that have paid duty and not paid duty, in order to ensure that the right allowances have been adhered to and the correct duty has been paid.

    Fuel Surcharges – This will usually be factored into the price of your service, because, each provider will have their own fuel costs that they will likely pass, at least in some form, on to you. However, even if this is the case we still aim to find you cheap courier services to Micronesia to suit your needs and budget!

    Parcel Delivery To Micronesia

    Micronesia is a particularly complicated case when discussing shipping and freight. Because of the geography of the country, based over thousands of tiny islands (the word “Micronesia” comes from the Greek mikrós meaning “small” and nêsos, which means “island”), calculating accurate shipping costs for your parcel delivery to Micronesia from UK is difficult. Additionally, the fact that politically it is made up several different sovereign nations does complicate import/export duties (see below).

    This site aims to make sense of the available offerings and demonstrate how you may best go about making the most of your money when transporting goods, gifts or products to and from the UK and Micronesian residents vis Micronesia parcel delivery.

    Delivery Prices To Send A Parcel To Micronesia

    Our service offers a comprehensive comparison package to enable you to find a cheap courier to Micronesia. You simply input the specifications, value and addresses for pickup and delivery, and we do the rest. It is important that you measure your goods meant for cheap delivery to Micronesia accurately as this can be a significant factor in the pricing structure of the item, and can affect how accurately we can help you find which is a cheap shipping to Micronesia option. There are a number of differences that will impact the overall price you pay for a Micronesia Parcel delivery: namely the weight of the item, the size (dimensions) of the item, and the speed with which it will be delivered. Some services offer guaranteed delivery windows when you send a parcel to Micronesia, while others ‘aim’ for certain deadlines. These are all factors to consider when looking for cheap parcel delivery to Micronesia from UK.

    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To Micronesia

    In order to minimise the cost of cheap shipping to Micronesia, we would advise you to consider the following advice to ensure that the process is as simple as possible while being both time effective and low cost.

    Package the item well. When preparing your parcel for cheap delivery to Micronesia from UK, strike a solid balance between secure wrapping around the item to protect it and adding too much bulk to the packaging itself. Adding too much bulk would likely increase the price significantly. Although bubble wrap and air-packing are incredibly light, the physical size of a package can be a big factor in calculating the cost, so you may want to keep this to a minimum.

    Tip: Consider looking at whether awkwardly shaped items can be packaged into a more cuboid shape, as this is the most efficient size for shippers and freight organisations to work with when it comes to parcel delivery UK to Micronesia. When you’ve decided on your maximum dimensions, and therefore which price bracket your product will physically fit into, make the most of the available space, rather than the other way around.

    When shipping internationally it is important to ensure that the customs documents required are attached and visible to the outside of the package, or any other requirements are made known to your shipping company.

    This is important as it will minimise delays; imagine the frustration of paying significantly more for a shorter delivery window only to have your package held at customs for days because of missing customs documents. It is therefore very important to do your research when you choose a supplier; for example, FedEx advises that your package must have the following documents attached: Commercial Invoice, Certificate of Origin, Shippers Export Declaration.

    Type your postage address (and waterproof it!). Typing the postage address ensures that it will be legible to everyone who will handle the package throughout the shipping process, as well as make it less likely that the address will be smudged during transit, whereas handwritten documents in pencil or ink will tend to smudge and become unclear in high temperatures or humid environments. Consider providing translations if applicable.

    Be legal! It is very important that you use the information in this article, and on this whole site, to send completely legal items from the UK to Micronesia, as transporting illegal goods could put you at risk of having your goods seized, and yourself, or the person that you’re posting the items to, prosecuted within the full extent of the law of both the origin countries or the destination.

    Consider the unique laws that govern Micronesia. It is free and legal to import up to 200 cigarettes, OR 20 cigars OR 450 grams (0.99lb) of tobacco. You cannot, therefore, import 20 cigars AND 200 cigarettes.It is also permitted to import up to 1.5 litres of distilled beverages, such as alcoholic spirits (gin, vodka, rum etc.).

    You can import general goods up to a value of 200 USD.

    It is also stated that any personal effects, such as your own belongings, are permitted to be imported into Micronesia; however, it is worth considering that this will likely be at the discretion of any investigating officers or border agents who take delivery of your items across the border, so it may be worth considering sending only reasonable items in this manner to avoid lengthy customs delays.

    If you’re looking for the cheapest parcel delivery to Micronesia, use our comparison tool today to get a quote today. The quote will be tailored to your parcel and your desired service, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to look at our FAQ or get in touch.