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    French Guiana is more commonly known simply as Guiana and can be found on the North Atlantic coast of South America. Brazil borders the country to the south and east and Suriname is located to the west. French Guiana has a very low population density and over half of the inhabitants live in the capital Cayenne. Cheap shipping to French Guiana is often sent to the most popular areas in the country, for example, the capital and other large towns and cities with good infrastructure.

    French Guiana is the second largest region of France. It is now the only territory in mainland America that is still part of a European country. France first established themselves in the country in 1503. The country has an interesting history, beginning as a slavery colony until the abolition of slavery during the French Revolution. Latterly, during the 1800s, the country temporarily became a penal colony with a network of penitentiaries for prisoners from France. In 1946, following World War II, the country became a French dependent once again.

    French Guiana is now fully integrated into the French central state and is part of the European Union, meaning finding cheap courier services to French Guiana is fairly easy. The country is the most prosperous region in South America, with a large portion of its income derived from the Guiana Space Centre. Due to its ties with Europe, the country is very popular with visitors from the UK. Many are attracted to its un-spoilt jungles and unique wildlife, with the European comforts they are used to evident in the metropolitan areas. There are a growing number of UK citizens choosing to stay in the country for an extended period of time, or even move there. This has led to a significant rise in the demand for services available to offer cheap delivery to French Guiana.

    French Guiana is very dependent on mainland France for trade. The main exports from the country are fish, gold and timber, and unfortunately the country has some of the poorest soils in the world so agricultural crop growth is limited. Historically, sugar and bananas were exported, but today they have disappeared. The population in French Guiana is diverse, with roughly 14% of inhabitants born in European countries such as the UK. This large British population means there is a demand for cheap courier services to French Guiana to deliver home comforts and gifts to friends and relatives via parcel delivery.

    Parcel Delivery To French Guiana

    French Guiana parcel delivery is relatively quick and simple, as it is no different to posting to France, it just takes a little longer for parcels to be received. Most packages are sent via cheap courier to French Guiana from UK. These packages are sent via air freight into the Félix Eboué Airport in Cayenne, which creates a delivery time of roughly 5 days. Cheap shipping to French Guiana is made easy via the port of Dégrad des Cannes, and although this is the main solution for cheap parcel delivery to French Guiana, it also takes the longest. Depending on your budget and the urgency of your parcel delivery UK to French Guiana, there are a number of options to choose from at Parcel Delivery. We try to find the best deal to suit your requirements.

    Roughly 40% of the roads are paved, making delivery to rural areas slow as much of the country is still dense, uninhabited jungle. Most parcel delivery to French Guiana is delivered to Cayenne, although other regular delivery destinations include Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni, Kourou, Maripasoula, Mana, Apatou, Papaichton, Grand-Santi, Saint-Georges and Sinnamary.

    As the country is part of the European Union and also uses the Euro, there is a large number of imports from Europe into the country, as delivery is straightforward. Demand to send a parcel to the country is increasing each year this means cheap delivery to French Guiana is easy to find. Couriers are beginning to reduce the cost as competition increases to be the best, and cheapest parcel delivery to French Guiana.

    Delivery Prices To Send A Parcel To French Guiana

    A cheap courier to French Guiana starts at around £26.00 for a small 1kg parcel. it is possible to send larger, heavier parcels although this will cost more. Thankfully, there are no import taxes to pay upon delivery as the country is part of the European Union.

    Our website makes it easy to find a cheap courier to French Guiana, all you need to do is enter your parcel’s weight and dimensions. We update our site each day with the latest courier prices and delivery times, to ensure accuracy and the best possible prices. If you do find a cheaper price online, please let us know as we have excellent relationships with the couriers and can often negotiate a preferential rate.

    We only work with couriers that we know and trust for cheap parcel delivery to French Guiana. All companies are highly experienced in international deliveries, so if you want to send a parcel to French Guiana you can rest easy knowing that we know they are the best companies for your parcels to travel with. All couriers are able to collect from your home or work address. Some are even able to collect from a local pick up point, to make the French Guiana parcel delivery process as smooth as possible for you. As soon as the parcel is collected it will be entered into the courier’s tracking system. From this point on, you will be able to trace the parcel at each point in its journey. This greatly reduces the chances of a parcel being lost during parcel delivery UK to French Guiana and also provides you and the recipient the peace of mind of knowing exactly where the parcel is.

    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To French Guiana

    Parcel delivery to French Guiana from UK is relatively simple. As the country benefits from being part of the European Union there are no trade barriers or international customs clearance centres to pass through when sending a parcel via even the cheapest parcel delivery to French Guiana.

    Addressing a parcel to French Guiana can confuse many people. Instead of addressing the parcel to French Guiana, it must be addressed to France. The five-digit postcode will begin with 97, which will identify the parcel as being French Guiana, an overseas area of France. If you are unsure, the Universal Postal Union will be able to offer advice to ensure accurate labelling for your parcel delivery to French Guiana from UK. It can also help to include a telephone number for the recipient, as the courier can then make contact should there be any delivery issues.

    There are a number of restricted items which are prohibited from being imported into French Guiana. These include all the usual items you would expect such as cigarettes, money, drugs, weapons, aerosols and alcohol. There are also a number of items which do catch people by surprise, including paint, cosmetics, dry ice, blank forms, costumes and precious stones. If you do have any queries or concerns, HM Revenue and Customs will be able to provide assistance and also an up-to-date list of restrictions.

    It is important to ensure your parcel is packed to be able to withstand the journey. A strong box and packing tape are essential to make sure the box is able to cope with manual handling, stacking and passing through many processing facilities. If you are sending anything fragile or with moving parts, secure anything which could move and snap and use packaging materials such as bubble wrap to help cushion the items. It can be useful to draw large arrows on the side of the box to indicate which way up the parcel should be held.

    Although you will not need to send customs clearance documents you will need to include a commercial invoice to state the value of the items. The courier you choose will send this to you upon booking. They will be able to provide assistance in completing any necessary paperwork. If you do have any questions, HM Revenue and Customs will be able to answer your queries.

    If you’re looking to send a parcel to French Guiana, then take a look at our comparison tool online today. For more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here today.