Are Any Surcharges Added To My Shipment That’s Not Included In The Quote?

Here at Parcel Delivery, we are committed to providing each and every single one of our customers with the most transparent and streamlined service when it comes to their parcel delivery. While we provide all of our customers with the most accurate quotes possible for their delivery, there may be a number of surcharges and fees that the individual courier may attach to each individual parcel, depending on a number of factors.

These surcharges will be added onto the price of a parcel delivery quote after you have received the initial quote from us, and these will be dependent on exceptional activities and circumstances. Depending on the courier, these individual surcharges will change at regular intervals in order to not only remain fair, but also to keep up with any customs surcharges, VAT or interest changes and other factors. Some of the surcharges that may be included on your parcel delivery package include:

Remote Area delivery – If you are looking to deliver your parcel to a particularly remote area, in the UK or internationally, then some couriers may charge an additional fee, per kg. In some cases, these may also require a minimum shipment charge too.

Full Dangerous Goods – If your parcel is a parcel that contains dangerous goods, then you may be charged an additional fee by the courier. At Parcel Delivery, we do not ask for the contents of your parcel, but your courier might. It is important to consider this when shipping. Dangerous goods can be prohibited or restricted in some countries, so it is important to know what can and can’t be shipped prior to booking.

Over Weight Parcel – If your parcel weighs in over the weight that you depicted in our comparison tool, and to your courier, then you may be charged an additional fee. This is why it is so important to ensure that you know the exact weight of your parcel so you can get an accurate quote.

Over Sized Parcel – Similar to the above, if your parcel is a different height, width or length than what was depicted when booking the parcel delivery service, then you may find yourself being charged.

Non-Stackable Pallet – If you are looking to ship a pallet to another country, or even across the UK, then it is imperative that it is of a stackable size and shape. This not only helps to ensure the courier’s safety, but a non-stackable pallet can result in shipments being delayed or cancelled.

Address Correction – If you have put the wrong address on your parcel but it has already been collected by the courier, then you may face an address correction fee. This is somewhat minimal, depending on the courier, but it is still important to ensure that you have the correct address prior to booking in order to avoid an additional fee.

Restricted Destination – While we offer a comparison service across all countries around the world, there are some couriers that see certain countries as restricted. If this is the case, you may be charged extra for wanting to ship a parcel there. Make sure that you are aware of these prior to shipping. Your courier should tell you directly before collecting the parcel.