Does The Price I Pay Include Customs Charges?

At the time the order is placed, the custom charges will not be known by the courier, meaning they cannot be added to your initial quote. The authorities in each country will make the final decision regarding the custom charges that you will need to pay for your package, and if any fees need to be added onto the parcel. This will then be charged to you once your package has reached customs.

How Does This Work?

When looking to send your parcel internationally, many countries will require some form of customs charge, for the customs officers to process your parcel and continue to send it forward onto its destination.

In the event of any customs charges, fees, taxes or VAT, you will be contacted directly by your courier, and they will provide you with the final total. Your courier will actually hold your parcel for a period of up to three weeks (depending on the courier), until you have paid the fees. If you do not pay the fees within this time period, then they will send the parcel back to you.

What Types Of Charges Are there?

There are a number of different types of charges included when your parcel gets to customs.

VAT – If you are sending goods from a non-European country and an EU special territory you will be charged VAT on gifts worth more than £39, other goods worth more than £15, and any alcohol, tobacco or fragrances. This will be charged at the VAT rate applied to your goods (which is in relation to the total value of price paid, postage, packaging, insurance and duty).

Customs Duty – If you’re sending goods from outside of the EU then you will be charged customs duty. This is made up of the price paid for the goods, postage, packaging and insurance.

Excise Duty – If you end up being sent alcohol or tobacco from outside of the EU then you may be charged excise duty. If its sent from the EU, then make sure that your Excise Duty was included – if not the products may be seized.


Your courier should be able to advise you on any fees, duty or other charges that may be included, once your parcel arrives at customs.