XDP Express Parcel Delivery

With a reputation for reliability, XDP can provide you with an unrivalled private parcel delivery service. Get a quote here!

XDP Express from £5.99 exc VAT
XDP Express Classic from £10.79 exc VAT
XDP Express Classic Plus from £12.79 exc VAT
XDP Express Classic European from £12.99 exc VAT
XDP Express Classic European Plus from £17.39 exc VAT


    In some cases, it can be difficult to select a good courier service. But, Parcel Delivery makes it easy. We only work with the top courier services to make sure that your parcels arrive on time and intact. This helps to put your mind at easy, knowing your parcels are in good hands. We also offer an easy-to-use comparison service to compare different delivery costs. This will help to ensure you find a service suitable for you. You can find further information regarding your delivery on your chosen couriers website.

    XDP is one of the largest courier services in the UK with a strong reputation across the country. Their team of more than 500 employees work hard to ensure the franchise network of 60 depots nationwide runs smoothly. As an experienced courier service, you can be confident that you parcel will arrive on time.

    More importantly, you can be sure that your parcel will be safe during transit. XDP Express Couriers take extra care to ensure that each parcel is correctly packaged before sending. This reduces damage and helps to ensure that no parcels get lost. Whether you are sending a valuable item or one that you need to keep safe, the team can help.

    As one of the largest courier services, XPD offers a number of parcel delivery services. This includes XDP express next day. Standard Delivery is also available for those who are not in a hurry to receive their parcel. Not sure which delivery service to choose? We can help select the best courier option for your parcel.

    How XDP Delivery Works

    To send your parcel with XDP express couriers, carefully package the item(s) you wish to send. Most items can sent in a double walled cardboard box. For additional protection, place packaging inside of the box. This includes scrunched newspaper and polystyrene chips, which help to prevent movement during transit. Please note that if you are reusing a cardboard box, your parcel may be liable to damage. In this instance, we suggest using newly sourced packaging. This will help to ensure that your parcel arrives the same way it was sent. Also be sure to check the maximum weight load capability of your chosen packaging for additional security. This will help to ensure that your parcel is not broken or damaged during transit. For further protection, use strong parcel tape to seal your box. This will help to safeguard each of your item(s) ensuring that they arrive untampered with. It can also act as an effective deterrent for more expensive items.

    How you sent your parcel depends on the delivery method. Depending on your chosen delivery method, you may need to take your parcel to the nearest collection point. In some cases, you may be able to request a collection.

    With XPD express couriers, you can choose the time slot you would like your parcel collected. This allows the XDP express UK parcel delivery service to would around your routine. This means that your parcel can be collected from you at a convenient time. The time of your parcel collection can range from morning to night. Whether you work night shifts or 9 to 5 you can find a slot suitable for you. Our teams can even help to make sure that your parcel collection fits around the school run. We’re here to help.

    Why Choose XDP Express Couriers?

    XDP express couriers have been offering efficient and reliable delivery services across the UK for more than 20 years. Their experienced team is well-equipped to deal with all your parcel delivery requirements. Regardless of your needs, the team will work to meet your expectations.

    The diverse range of services is what makes XDP express couriers the perfect choice for both domestic and commercial customers. This includes parcels that require heightened security or an alternative delivery method.

    No parcel is an issue for the team. Their skilled professions will even collect large furniture items from first floors or transport heavy parcels. Whatever your parcel delivery requirements, XDP express couriers offer an unbeatable courier service.

    XDP Express UK Delivery Times & Cost

    Like a number of courier services, XPD offer a range of delivery services. These services are available across the UK and in other countries. Depending on your parcel, this means that your parcel could arrive as quick as the next day. These services are great for those who have left their parcel delivery until the last minute.

    Businesses can benefit from XDP couriers too. They offer a range of services suitable for various deliveries. This includes sending important documents that need to be protected throughout transit. Come rain or shine, the safety of your parcels are at the forefront of the teams minds.

    Overnight Parcels

    If you need to guarantee the arrival of your parcel, XDP couriers offer an overnight courier service. This service is available to 90% of mainland UK. For specific information, please make an inquiry before selecting this service.

    Does the item you wish to post require additional security? XDP offer free goods in transit insurance for their overnight delivery service at a rate of £10 per kilo. Additional insurance can be bought for the value of £5 for every £1,000 insured. Please note that this is with a maximum of £5,000.

    Economy Delivery

    If you are looking for the most cost-effective method of sending a parcel, look no further than economy delivery. XDP parcels operate an affordable and efficient economy delivery service across the UK. Check their zone map to find out the economy delivery your location benefits from. The majority of mainland UK, XDP will ensure your parcel arrives within 2-3 days. Customers who live in remote areas can benefit from using economy delivery too.

    Two-Man Delivery

    Are you moving to a new house? If so, you may want to sell some of your larger furniture items. If this is the case, this is a perfect delivery service for you.

    • XDP arrange for two of their skilled employees to collect your large parcels.
    • The team will collect your item(s) from a room of your choice, restricted up to the first floor of your property.
    • Nominate the delivery day of your choice to ensure a smooth process that fits around your routine.

    With the XDP two-man delivery service, you won’t have to lift a finger. Our teams will work together to ensure that each of your items remain safe from the moment they leave your home. This means that you can enjoy moving house, rather than worrying about when your items will arrive. For more information about two-man delivery, visit the XDP website today.

    Pallet Delivery

    XDP cater for different forms of parcel delivery and offer services suitable for transporting various materials. Choose from their full range of pallet delivery services throughout mainland UK, located within Zones A and B.

    This efficient service transports heavier goods up to 500 kg at an affordable price. You can select for your parcel to arrive next day or take advantage of their economy service prices. If you wish to send a pallet further afield, please contact XDP for further information.

    Same Day Delivery

    If the delivery of your parcel can’t wait until tomorrow, XDP offers a fast and reliable same day delivery option. The cost of service depends on the size of the vehicle needed to move the parcel, per mile. By offering three van size options, XDP can deliver almost any item within 24 hours of collection.

    • Available to customers wishing to send a parcel from the UK to another location nationwide.
    • Prices start as low as £1.00 per mile.

    XDP Express Next Day Delivery

    Do you require your parcel to arrive quickly? If yes, the team at XDP can help. The team will then tirelessly work throughout the night to ensure your parcel arrives the very next day. This service is perfect for business and personal use! Once your parcel is ready to send, you can sit back and relax.

    Keeping Track Of Your Parcel

    When you choose XDP express couriers, you can track your parcel at any time. To track your parcel, use the consignment number. This unique code is provided with your parcel and will allow you to track your package on the XDP Express website. It will allow you to see where your parcel is at any time, day or night. Better yet, by tracking your parcel, you will know exactly when it is expected to arrive. This is great for those with a busy schedule.

    With XDP express delivery, you will be notified if you parcel is delayed. You will then have the opportunity to reschedule your delivery in a few simple steps. This is great for those with a tight schedule, as delivery can be arranged around you.

    Regardless of your delivery needs XDP can help. You can find more information about their delivery services online. To make a booking, choose Parcel Delivery. Get started, today.