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Tuffnells have a long history when it comes to making deliveries. First established in 1914, when the company purchased a single horse and cart for a little over £100, Tuffnells went on to become one of the most trusted and established names in parcel deliveries. With thousands of employees, the company can be relied upon to carry out deliveries quickly and in a professional manner.

It was down to the success of the business, as well as the fact Tuffnells boasts thousands of happy customers, that the company was acquired by the Connect Group back in 2014, in a deal that was said to be worth more than £110m. As part of the Connect Group, Tuffnells has gone from strength to strength, and now operates on a truly global level. In fact, the business carries out over 10 million deliveries every year to over 4000 customers in a wide range of industries. Therefore, we offer Tuffnells’ service at Parcel Delivery because of their incredible reputation.

Tuffnells is specifically designed to cater for trade companies, meaning that, in order to use their services, you have to be part of a company that makes regular deliveries. By focusing solely on business customers, Tuffnells has been able to streamline its services and offer excellent levels of customer services to their trade clients all over the world. With the business world often demanding that parcels arrive quickly, especially if there are deadlines involved, Tuffnells have been able to establish themselves as a firm businesses can rely on to get their parcels to their intended destination on time. So, if you’ve been thinking about establishing a relationship with a parcel delivery company for your business, or you just want to see what would be involved if you switched parcel delivery providers, here’s a guide to what you can expect if you decide to open a Tuffnells account.

To carry out Tuffnells parcel delivery, you will need a Tuffnells account. All that you need in order to fill out an application with Tuffnells is your company name, address and postcode, as well as an email address for Tuffnells to contact you on. It’s worth bearing in mind, though, that Tuffnells do not accept every account application they receive.

With plenty of clients all over the world, Tuffnells have focused their energies on providing high levels of service to companies that regularly send parcels. In order to do that, Tuffnells have a minimum spend policy in place. The minimum spend in order to qualify for an account is available on the Tuffnells website and is split between an invoice charge and a fuel supplement. If you send parcels regularly from your company, then the Tuffnells parcel delivery service could well be for you; however, if you only occasionally send parcels to a few customers, then you may wish to consider another parcel delivery service provider.

How Tuffnells Parcel Delivery Works

Once your account has been accepted by Tuffnells, you will have access to the ‘My Account’ section of the website. Here you will be able to keep track of all your Tuffnells parcels, as well as access invoices, payments and your order history. Tuffnells offer both UK and international deliveries, meaning no matter where a customer may be based, Tuffnells can be on hand to ensure your parcel gets delivered to its destination safely and on time.

If you plan on sending goods to UK-based customers, then there are plenty of delivery options available to allow you to do just that. The first option is
next day delivery, which uses Tuffnells’ own fleet of vehicles to carry out a delivery by the next day. There are also three different time specific next day delivery options you can choose from, allowing you to meet certain deadlines should they be in place. You can hand your parcel over to Tuffnells knowing that it’s guaranteed to arrive at its UK destination by 9.30am, 10.30am or 12 noon the next day, depending on which option you choose.

Alternatively, if time is not so much of a factor and you’re looking for a cheaper way to send business parcels, then you can always opt for the economy option, which takes 72 hours in total. Tuffnells also have a Saturday delivery service you can take advantage of if you have a parcel that needs to arrive outside regular working week hours. If your parcel is addressed to the Isle of Wight or the Isle of Man, as well as
Northern Ireland or the Channel Islands, you should select the offshore delivery method Tuffnells provide. As with all Tuffnells delivery options, track and trace is available on offshore deliveries.

There are also a few more unique options available if you choose to send your parcel with Tuffnells couriers, the first of which is called DataBag. With the DataBag service, you can send items in a ‘security sealed’ bag that has been specifically designed by Tuffnells couriers for dealing with smaller, urgent items that weigh up to 5kg. This service is offered with some of the most critical deliveries in mind, which is why customers are able to combine it with many delivery options, including Saturday delivery and next day 9.30am, 10.30am and 12pm delivery.

Finally, if you require a parcel to be collected as well as brought back to you, then Fastbak could be for you. Available in most UK destinations, Fastbak will give you complete control over sending your parcel and having it returned.

Why Choose Tuffnells Parcel Delivery?

By choosing Tuffnells parcel delivery, you are putting your important goods in the hands of experienced professionals who know just what is required in order to carry out deliveries to a deadline. With so many business friendly options available, you’re bound to find a service Tuffnells couriers offer which is ideal for the unique demands of your company.

Thanks to the fact Tuffnells  parcels only take on business customers, the company is uniquely positioned to ensure your needs are being met. They also use some of the latest technology, which makes tracking your parcels simple. The technology on offer with a Tuffnells parcels account includes electronic proof of delivery, meaning you can expect to receive full proof of delivery within only five minutes of your item being delivered. You can also access the driver’s notes and see who signed for your parcel. On top of that, Tuffnells also have overhead scanning, as well as depot track and trace. That means you’re able to follow your delivery in real time with a unique barcode. So, no matter where you’re sending your parcel to, you’ll be able to follow it from the moment it’s picked up to when it’s delivered, thanks to the overhead and handheld scanning technology used by Tuffnells.

So, if you’re part of a business that’s sending out deliveries on a regular basis, a Tuffnells parcels account will let you take full control of all your parcels and will give you more delivery options than other parcel delivery service competitors.

Tuffnells Parcel Delivery Times And Prices

In order to access Tuffnells pricing structure, you will need a Tuffnells account which requires a weekly minimum spend. All of the delivery options have been priced to be highly competitive. Options include next day delivery, as well as next day delivery guaranteed by a certain time. If you ship internationally, Tuffnells also have a range of European and international parcel shipping options available.

In order to receive a quote for any international services, you can contact Tuffnells directly with details of your account. To reach the Tuffnells team that handles worldwide parcel requests, simply send an email to worldwide.requests@tuffnells.co.uk.