Tuffnells Parcel Delivery

Since its founding in 1914 by Harold J Tuffnell, the business began with an investment of just £100 and a horse and cart. Since then, this company has grown its fleet to provide the best service. Following this, the company has gone on to gross over £100 million in revenue by 2010. It also celebrated its 100th year of trading in 2014. This company works with over 4,000 businesses for irregular freight. This makes them the world-leading experts in handling large heavy items. In addition, they offer a wide range of services. This provides both people and businesses with the means to send parcels around the world. This is beneficial as this allows for quick delivery within a limited time frame.

Tuffnells from £5.99 exc VAT
Tuffnells Classic from £10.79 exc VAT
Tuffnells Classic Plus from £12.79 exc VAT
Tuffnells Classic European from £12.99 exc VAT
Tuffnells Classic European Plus from £17.39 exc VAT


    More Information You Need To Know About Tuffnells

    As the business has grown, so to have the services they provide. With delivery to both the UK and overseas, affordable delivery is simple to find. Due to the success of the business, are a number of Tuffnells prices available for a wide range of services. These make finding a courier that works for your budget is easy.

    In addition, there is the option of Economy service as well as next day delivery. This makes sure there is a parcel delivery option for everyone. Tuffnells are a logistics management company that makes next day delivery easy. They can meet the requirement of your business with a few simple steps. Just tell them the needs you have for your delivery, and they will take care of the rest. They will provide you with the perfect Tuffnells courier to ensure your delivery is a success every time.

    Tuffnells have a reliable service that we are proud to work with here at Parcel Delivery. Because of this strong working relationship, we pride ourselves on providing you with the best of Tuffnells prices.

    All you need to provide us with is the weight of the parcel as well as the size and delivery type. We will take this information and compare the price of a Tuffnells courier to other services. This will allow us to give you the best price. This is important to us, but it is also important to Tuffnells carriers. This is because customer service is important to them.

    Why Choose Tuffnells Delivery Service?

    There are many reasons to choose a Tuffnells delivery service. But it is important to consider the benefits that cater to what you need. Below, we have listed some benefits that you can expect when using Tuffnells delivery service:

    • Guaranteed delivery times before 9:30 am, 10:30 am and Midday
    • Constant contact with local depot during delivery by phone and email
    • Track parcel online throughout the delivery process
    • Also, offer years of industry experience for businesses

    This is beneficial for those looking to send a parcel to a loved one or to a business. With a specialism in sending heavy parcels, you can be sure your item is handled with care. In addition, tracking is free of charge, allowing you to monitor the delivery process at all times. This is great for businesses as furniture and heavier items can be sent with ease either by air, road or sea.

    With over 100 years in the business, we are sure you will find what you need with Tuffnells parcel express LTD. There reliable team of courier’s workday in day out to ensure delivery is a success.

    International Delivery With Tuffnells Parcels Express LTD

    Another service that Tuffnells parcels express offers is delivery overseas. With European delivery, worldwide and freight forwarding, there is a reliable Tuffnels service to suit you. To help you out Tuffnells provide drop-down menu telling you the number of days it will take to fulfil delivery. This helps the customer to make an informed decision. In addition to this, you can apply for a quote online quickly and easily when visiting the website. Delivery overseas with Tuffnells parcels express is made simple. This is due to their team of Tuffnells carriers as they can deliver a parcel of any weight and size. If your parcel is heavier than this, them there are a number of freight and shipment options to cater to your needs.

    In addition, Tuffnells delivery service also offers a collection process. This is for both international and national delivery. It is as simple as printing the labels and booking delivery online. This is also processed through the Tuffnells dispatch system. Then you package the parcel and stick on your printed label.

    After this, you must attach the required documents such as invoice and then hand it to your chosen Tuffnells courier. They will take care of the rest and provide you with Tuffnells prices with high-quality service.

    When Sending a parcel with Tuffnells Parcels Express LTD, there may be restrictions. With a number of prohibited items, it is important to be aware of them. If you are unsure whether your parcel will be eligible get in touch. By contacting your Tuffnells delivery service, you will ensure your delivery is a success. They will provide you with all the information that you need to ensure it is a success.

    Advantages Of Tuffnells Delivery Service

    There are a number of advantages to using Tuffnells delivery services. One of which is delivery overseas as this is where they excel. With delivery available to any destination in the world this makes parcel delivery easy. In addition to this, a parcel up to 50Kg has delivery by air as standard when using a Tuffnels service.

    In addition, any item that is an unusual shape or is a large shipment will receive its own bespoke quote. This makes sure you are not overspending on delivery no matter the destination. This delivery service includes tracking, confirmation of delivery and compensation cover. This is beneficial for those sending fragile items, as they are secure.

    Tracking is part of the price when using one of the many Tuffnells carriers. This ensures that you as the customer have peace of mind at every point in the delivery process.

    When using Tuffnels for delivery in the UK there are similar benefits. These can include time-specific delivery the next day as well as an alert when you book. It is important to note that the delivery price is dependent on the weight and size of the parcel. This is then added to the cubic weight and the speed of the chosen service. We will then compare this to other services to ensure that you have the best price for delivery at all times.

    By using our price comparison tool, this allows us to guarantee that you will receive the best of Tuffnells prices.

    Other Delivery Options When Using Tuffnells

    In addition to a number of standard delivery options, Tuffnells provides specialist services. These include Economy service, Offshore delivery and Fast4ward services. No matter the type of service that has been chosen, you will need to make sure the box is secure. By choosing a box that is strong and secure it with packing tape, you can ensure the box does not open in transit.  By applying packing tape to the seams of the box as well as the corners, you are creating a waterproof seal. This will ensure that the box does not open during the trip and will keep your parcel secured. It is also important to make sure that inner packaging is added to the box. Using bubble wrap or packing peanuts is ideal at this stage. This is because it will prevent the item from moving without adding any additional weight. It is best to avoid crumpled newspaper at this stage as this will not provide the level of protection that you need. If the item is fragile, it is best to wrap the items then place them in the box. Outer packaging can then be added to provide the level of protection that is required.

    Economy Service

    This is one of the most cost-effective ways of sending a parcel with a Tuffnells courier. This takes heavier items that are up to 6 m long and delivers them within 3 days. Economy service can be booked through the Tuffnels Ezeeklink software. This will ensure your delivery is a success. The cost of this style of delivery is lower as Tuffnells prices depend on the speed of the delivery. This is a simple way of saving money using a Tuffnells delivery service. This is because you receive high-quality delivery at low cost.

    With local friendly Tuffnells courier drivers and a fleet of drivers, you can be sure your parcel is sent on time. In addition to this, there is the option for collection from your home or office. This is great as it makes sending a parcel to a loved one stress-free.

    Offshore Delivery

    Another type of Tuffnells delivery that you can book through Ezeeklink is Offshore Delivery. This is delivery to the Isle of Wight, Isle of Man and many more Offshore locations. This is a simple delivery service that allows users to send parcels that are heavy and awkward with ease. Tuffnells couriers allow for shipments of parcels with irregular dimensions. This is ideal for businesses, as this allows you to send a parcel all over the UK no matter the size or shape.


    If you are looking for the speed of a Tuffnells courier service for a large item, the Fast4ward service is ideal. As Tuffnells most popular service, this involves collecting the item from your address. This will then be hand-delivered to the other. This is simple to achieve is to label the box. The driver will take a photograph at collection and will make sure the parcel is delivered with no damages. This counts for parcels as long as 6 m and can be a parcel of any shape.

    These specialist services are all designed with the customer in mind. The team here at Parcel Delivery will match you up with the Tuffnells courier that you need. This will then make sure that your delivery is a success.

    Simply provide us with the information on the size of package, weight and the delivery type you want. With this will compare Tuffnells prices to ensure you get the right delivery type at the speed that you need.

    Tuffnells Delivery Quote FAQ’s

    What Time Do Tuffnells Deliver Up To?

    Due to the number of Tuffnells delivery service available, there are a number of delivery time frames. If you select a next day delivery service there are delivery times including before 9:30 am, 10:30 am and Noon. These time slots are available from a number of other Tuffnells delivery options. This is ideal as it provides you with a time scale for every delivery for you to choose.

    Do Tuffnells Deliver On A Saturday?

    This company do offer delivery on Saturday. But only when using the designated service. If you want a collection on Friday, with Saturday delivery you need to book no later than Thursday night.

    Saturday’s service will ensure delivery before 12 noon with tracking as standard. The company has over 100 years of experience in deliveries. In addition, you will receive customer support by phone and email this makes sending parcels easier.

    Do Tuffnells Cater To Returns?

    Tuffnells do cater to returns as they provide a Fastbak service. This allows you to send back a number of items. With a simple labelling system, this can be attached to the box and collected by the courier. For an additional fee, you can have the parcel returned the same day and have tracking as standard. This provides you with the best Tuffnells courier service for delivery of all types.

    The Best Ways To Get My Tuffnells Delivery Quote?

    It could not be easier to receive a quote for your Tuffnells delivery service. We will compare the prices for you and make affordable delivery easy to find. Just provide us with the recommended delivery type, size and weight. We will take this information and begin to compare prices for you. When this has been completed, we will provide you with all the quotes available. You can then choose the one that best suits your budget. This will ensure your delivery is the most affordable without compromising on the service that you will have.