Doddle Parcel Delivery

Use Doddle click and collect to streamline your parcel delivery. Never miss a parcel again using Doddle couriers.

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    Doddle Click and Collect

    Founded in London, Doddle uses the latest tracking and control technology. They offer a flexible business operating model to offer UK consumers. The result is the latest in parcel collection and delivery. Doddle is a relatively new parcel delivery and returns service. It’s perfectly suited to those with busy lifestyles who don’t want to miss parcel deliveries at home. Perhaps you work irregular hours or are always out and about? Don’t leave your deliveries to chance, use Doddle click and collect!

    Has Doddle parcels appeared when you requested an instant delivery quote? Doddle is an innovative parcel delivery company. Doddle delivery service is cheap and reliable. You can also use Doddle tracking services to follow your parcel. You could end up using Doddle couriers on a regular basis.

    So, if you’ve never heard of Doddle delivery service before, allow us to introduce them. So what is Doddle parcel delivery service? It was developed in response to the fact that people live busy and demanding lives. Shopping online is now huge business and millions of parcels are passing back and forward every day, year round.

    Benefits of Doddle Couriers

    It’s not always possible to wait in for couriers. Missing a parcel delivery can mean having to make arrangements with neighbours. Or you may have to collect it from a parcel centre with limited opening hours. There are even horror stories of less scrupulous parcel couriers. They’ve been known to leave important packages under bushes or on front door steps when you are not in… But not any of the couriers we partner with, of course!

    So, Doddle parcels wanted to provide people who shop online with a far more flexible arrangement. The company delivers your parcel to a handy nearby location for collection when you are ready. These shops – or dedicated Doddle parcel delivery units – usually have extensive opening hours.

    Uses of Doddle Delivery Service

    This innovation has led to Doddle parcels forming partnerships with some of the biggest names in online retailing. This includes the likes of as Amazon, ASOS and Next. If you are returning Doddle click and collect parcels to online retailers, Doddle parcels can help with that, too. In some cases, the staff can even re-wrap your parcel returns for you. This an additional service can really help speed things up.

    You can also use Doddle parcel delivery system to collect travel money, luxury goods and shoes. In fact, anything from national companies that use the Doddle click and collect system. In this case, Doddle tracking services will be invaluable. They allow you to follow the parcel on the entire journey. You can get real-time updates on your Doddle delivery service 24/7.

    So we know that Doddle delivery service is a great option for online purchases. You might be wondering if you can use the Doddle parcel delivery service for personal parcels too. The answer is that yes, you can indeed use Doddle for personal parcels. Doddle parcels has expertise and state of the art operating systems. This allows them to handle all sorts of parcel traffic. This includes both domestic and international parcel deliveries.

    As with any courier service that appears on our quick and easy parcel delivery comparison system… Doddle click and collect provides you with the assurance of reliability and responsibility. We only work with the best, who can also offer the best prices. We’re happy to say that this includes Doddle click and collect services.

    Doddle Near Me

    Are you wondering ‘Where is my nearest Doddle store?’ Doddle parcel delivery offers you key locations across the UK. Some are the company’s own purple Doddle near me stores. More often than not, they are dedicated kiosks in local shops and supermarkets. This means it’s always easy to find a Doddle near me. These are the places that you can drop off your parcel to send outwards. But they are also Doddle couriers locations for parcel collection.

    To take advantage of both parcel collection and delivery from Doddle couriers, you need a Doddle ID. This can be sorted easily online, via their website. When setting up your Doddle ID, you select one of their Doddle near me outlets as your delivery address.

    This means that your online retailer can send your item or items to that Doddle delivery service outlet. Doddle couriers will notify you that your parcel has arrived at the Doddle near me location. You’ll be provided with a unique identification number. Then you collect your parcel at a time that is convenient for you.

    It is important to note that Doddle parcel delivery service can’t hang on to parcels indefinitely. Your delivery notice will give you a timescale, but it is usually between 5-10 days. After this, your Doddle parcels will be returned to sender. However, with Doddle tracking it’s easy to know when your Doddle click and collect parcel will be ready. This means you can anticipate when to go to pick it up.

    Some online retailers offer Doddle parcel delivery service for free within their standard shipping terms. However, sometimes you will pay a small fee. We think this is worth it for the convenience of collecting your parcel from Doddle couriers’ drop-off locations.

    Doddle parcel services offer you the chance to trace the progress of your delivery with Doddle tracking.

    Flexible Deliveries with Doddle Tracking

    Choosing Doddle click and collect to deliver your items a convenient location offers flexibility. If you are out at work all day, your parcel can be dropped off at a Doddle near me parcel outlet. You can pick it up in your lunch hour or on the way home.

    There is even the possibility of someone else collecting your Doddle parcel for you. They would need to take your delivery notification with them. They’ll also need one of the pre-approved types of ID listed on the Doddle website such as a driving licence.

    Doddle can also deliver parcels outwards for you. You can return goods or to get your own gifts and personal items sent out securely to friends or family. Sending a parcel with Doddle can also be highly affordable. In the case of product returns it often involves no cost at all (see prices information below).

    So, if your comparison intel suggests you call into a Doddle near me high street location. Send your parcel using their specialist services, you can be assured that the whole process will be quick and easy.

    Failed first time deliveries cost the courier industry a great deal of money. Sending and receiving parcels via Doddle parcel collection reduces these failed deliveries. This benefits the whole sector. Not to mention that the cost savings can be passed on to consumers.

    Doddle Prices and Parcel Delivery Times

    Some online retailers offer the option to collect a Doddle parcel at a handy high street location. This may be included within their standard delivery terms. However, there could be a small fee for the convenience of Doddle click and collect. This would be charged by the retailer, and not Doddle delivery services.

    It can be a same day or standard pick up too. This will be based on the options you select when ordering from your online retailer. Doddle click and collect can only accept items that are up to 50cm x 50cm x 40cm with a maximum weight of 16kg.

    Sending goods back to an online retailer who partners with Doddle? It could be that you can drop your parcel off to be returned at no cost to you.

    This may only apply to goods you are returning to retailers because they are faulty or not as described.

    Can you return goods because you changed your mind? Yes, in many cases online retailers offer this option for goods in perfect condition. Doddle parcels can also handle this return for you too, though you may be required to cover the postage costs yourself.

    Visit the Doddle parcel delivery service website. Here, there is a comprehensive list of the retailers who offer you free product returns via Doddle couriers.

    One word of caution – as you might expect from a company launched in London… the main concentration of Doddle parcel delivery and collection outlets are in the South. However, there are some in the North of England and Scotland. So, it’s always worth checking to see if you can take advantage of Doddle parcel delivery services.

    Do you need a parcel delivery or collection that is a bit more local to you? Parcel Delivery are always here to help. Simply search again using our easy comparison system. You can quickly find alternatives for cheap parcel services from other top couriers.

    Doddle Delivery Service FAQs

    Where is my nearest doddle store?

    There are so many Doddle click and collect outlets all over the UK. The best way to find the closest location to you is to search ‘Doddle near me’ and type your postcode in on their website.

    How to return with Doddle?

    Returning Doddle parcels is easy. Simply book in on their website so the Doddle courier knows to expect your parcel. Then go back to your Doddle near me and return your Doddle parcels.

    How do I use Doddle tracking?

    Doddle tracking is straightforward and easy to use. You will be given a Doddle tracking number in your confirmation email. Enter that into Doddle’s website or use our multi-courier tracking tool. You’ll get real-time updates on the location of your parcel.

    Can you use Doddle delivery service for regular parcels?

    Yes, there’s more to the company than Doddle click and collect. You can send Doddle parcels to friends and family too. To use this Doddle delivery service, enter your parcel details into our comparison tool. We’ll offer you the best Doddle prices anywhere.