Send a parcel to Cambridge

Looking for a parcel courier service in Cambridge? We can help you find the best and most reliable Cambridge courier services in the area


    We offer a range of cheap Cambridge couriers that offer same-day delivery, to heavy parcel and pallet delivery. This is all in the stunning university town of Cambridge in Cambridge shire. Delivering a parcel to a student at university, or just looking for an affordable way to send a parcel to Cambridge? We can provide the service and comparison that you need. Live locally and are looking to send a parcel across the city? Or are you looking for a wider-reaching service? Parcel delivery Cambridge has never been so easy or accessible.

    From DHL, DPD and Hermes through to Parcelforce, FedEx, UPS and more. We have access to plenty of well-known and reliable cheap Cambridge courier services. This makes your parcel delivery in Cambridge easier and more accessible than ever. No matter what parcel you need to send, we offer the best cheap parcel delivery to Cambridge on offer to you. Our expertise in parcel delivery in Cambridge gives peace of mind that your parcel will arrive quickly and efficiently.

    Parcel Delivery To Cambridge

    The calm, historic and beautiful city of Cambridge doesn’t need disturbance by long waits for parcel delivery or the stress of sending items. We can give you the best cheap parcel delivery to Cambridge available. Our knowledge and expertise mean you can be sure of the best courier and quote for your cheap courier services to Cambridge. Whether you’re sending a parcel to Cambridge city itself, or to the outer areas. Such as Huntingdon, Peterborough or St Ives, our Cambridge courier company service will obtain the best quotes. We can help find the cheapest deals for your delivery to meet your exact requirements.

    Whether you’re looking for next day delivery, standard delivery, or even same day courier Cambridge services, we can help. We can provide you with quotes from a range of couriers for your parcel delivery in and around Cambridge. Be sure to take a look at our full range for more information.

    When looking to use one of our cheap courier Cambridge UK options, it’s important to consider the time in which you want to send your parcel. You’ll also need to consider the customs fees that you may experience if sending internationally. These elements are important to consider. Cheap shipping to Cambridge can add a considerable amount of time onto the delivery process. Compare this to road and rail links for express delivery between Cambridge and other major areas such as London, which can be cheaper. For a personalized quote for cheap delivery to Cambridge, use our price comparison tool today!

    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To Cambridge

    Which Type of Delivery Should I Use with Cambridge Couriers?

    Choosing the right service when you want to send a parcel to Cambridge is vital. This will ensure a smooth, reliable service. The weight, size and contents of your parcel can all effect which service will be better for you. For example, a heavy parcel will be better with our heavy parcel delivery service. Our letters and small parcels, along with large parcel delivery services, are all made for different weights and sizes. Take a look at the information available on our site to work out which is best for your circumstances.

    Are There Any Prohibited Items I Can’t Send?

    An important thing to consider is which items are prohibited from being sent through Parcel Delivery. Your courier service in Cambridge is important to us. Ensuring that your parcel isn’t rejected is something we always look to avoid. Most couriers can’t ship aerosols, aftershave, furs, nail varnish and more. To make sure you don’t have any of these items, look at our full list of prohibited items. This will help to ensure you don’t send something that we cannot deliver through our Cambridge courier services.

    Can I Track a Delivery through a Courier Service in Cambridge?

    Yes, we can offer parcel tracking. This is so you can see the journey of your chosen delivery from door to door. We appreciate many people want to be able to see where their parcel is at any moment. Some couriers will provide differing levels of parcel tracking. This will depend on the type of delivery option you paid for. Be sure to check this option when choosing a delivery option if you need it to be tracked for your convenience.

    You may be able to receive regular text updates or an email at every stage of the journey. From courier confirmation to pick up, as well as when it’s on the road out for delivery. You may be able to get a time slot of when the delivery will be made. Check the terms of your delivery before confirming.

    What Happens if the Courier Service in Cambridge is Delayed?

    If your delivery is delayed, there are a few things you can do to check your new estimate of arrival. If your delivery has the option, you can use online tracking tools to see what the new update is. Alternatively, contact the relevant Cambridge courier company to find out the delivery status. As much as we would like to guarantee every delivery, the unexpected can occur. If your courier is delayed, they will contact you directly to advise the next course of action.

    I Have Multiple Packages I Want to Send; Can I Be Quoted for Multiple Parcels?

    Yes, it’s quite normal for customers to want to send more than one parcel for delivery. When you arrange your order, just simply state the number of parcels you want us to deliver. Our online comparison tool can only provide you with one quote per parcel at a time. Either fill in the form or contact us to discuss your delivery options.

    Do you need to send parcels to different addresses? Or are they different shapes and sizes? You can use our comparison tool to work out the costs for each. You’ll be able to see the full order quote. If you’re a business customer, you’ll see your options on business rates to help lower the cost even further.

    How Can I Make Sure I Package My Parcel Correctly for Cambridge Couriers?

    There are a few things you should ensure you do to keep your parcel in the condition you sent it. We want to ensure your item is undamaged and the best way to do so is by following these simple solutions:

    • Using a box in the best condition possible will help to ensure there are no issues. Ideally, if you can use a brand-new box, this will give you the most premium result. If it’s double-walled, it will offer much better protection to help your parcel in transit.
    • Make sure you pack your parcel with plenty of internal packaging. The best thing to use is bubble-wrap or specialist inflatable packaging. This is designed to help your internal structure stay in place.
    • Ensure you use good-quality packing tape to keep your box secure. Standard tape may not provide the hold you need, so stronger tape will ensure there are no issues.
    • When writing the address on the package, make sure it is clear and using a marker pen. If you have a printed label with these details on, you should still write these details on the outside package. This is just in case the label comes away. It’s also a good idea to put these details inside the parcel as well.
    • If you are sending multiple packages, do not attach them all together. They must all have separate labels so that each item is tracked individually. This will ensure one of the packages doesn’t go missing, as it is easier to trace packages separately.
    • If you decide to shrink wrap your parcel, make sure you check the terms of your delivery with the courier you choose. This is because some may charge an additional fee for this.
    • Additionally, don’t solely rely on the ‘fragile’ label on the parcel box. As much as a courier will take care, you need to ensure the internal packaging is still done properly. This will ensure less risk of damage during transit.

    Don’t hesitate to start using our online courier comparison tool today. Finding cheap delivery to Cambridge has never been easier!