Send a parcel to Highlands

The Highlands might be a remote area, but that doesn't mean parcel delivery there doesn't have to be complicated.


Covering the north east of Scotland, The Highlands are extremely rural and very sparsely populated, with people living in Fortrose, Malliag, Dingwall and Ullapool. Containing numerous mountainous areas, the vast majority of land in the region is unspoilt. Whilst much of The Highlands is on the Scottish mainland, the region also includes the surrounding islands.

Due to the considerable size of the area, it can be useful to take advantage of parcel delivery in Highlands. As it may be time-consuming to transport items yourself, using a Highlands parcel delivery courier service can ensure an efficient delivery for a relatively small cost, whether you want the parcel to go to local towns such as Dornoch or across the country to Dundee.

When you book a Highlands parcel delivery, it’s important to ensure that your chosen firm does operate services in the area. Despite the majority of The Highlands not being separated from Scotland by water, some cheap courier to Highlands services do not consider the region to be part of the mainland.

Although geographically incorrect, the vast nature of the land and the remoteness of the region means that it is classified in the same way as offshore islands by some firms. Although this doesn’t prevent you from accessing cheap delivery to Highlands, it may affect the cheap courier services to Highlands available.

By confirming that your chosen cheap courier to Highlands company facilitates parcel delivery in Highlands, you can ensure that shipping your items is hassle-free with the best price for cheap shipping to Highlands possible. For your personalised quote for cheap shipping to Highlands try our price comparison tool today!

In more urban areas, people often make good use of drop off points when they’ve booked a parcel delivery service. With numerous points located in and around towns and villages, it’s easy for most people to access a designated point.

In The Highlands, however, you may have to travel further in order to access a drop off point. Whilst they are still available, the accessibility of your nearest drop off point will depend on your specific location within the region.

This doesn’t prevent you from using a convenient parcel delivery in Highlands, however. In fact, the remote aspect of the area simply means that a cheap courier to Highlands service which includes collection may be more convenient.

Rather than having to drop your parcel off at a specific location, a courier will simply collect the package from you so that it can be dispatched quickly. With many cheap courier services to Highlands offering this service, you should find it easy to locate an efficient and cheap delivery to Highlands.

Parcel Delivery To Highlands

In order to be a viable shipping method, parcel delivery in Highlands must be cost-effective. If delivery firms do categorise The Highlands as being offshore for the purpose of shipping rates, the transit costs can be slightly more expensive than in other areas of Scotland.

As many residents of The Highlands appreciate the rural nature of the region, they are accepting of the fact that the cost of transport services in the area may be slightly elevated in some situations. In fact, the majority of people who move to the area welcome the rural setting and accept the implications this has on the availability of local services.

Despite this, it’s still possible to access cheap parcel delivery to Highlands. With only slight increases differentiating a parcel delivery service in The Highlands to courier services in other parts of Scotland, you can still access low rates. Furthermore, transporting goods from The Highlands via parcel delivery can still be one of the most-cost effective methods of transit.

The overall cost of a shipment will, of course, depend on where you’re sending it to. If parcels are going to another address in the UK, delivery may be slightly cheaper than international deliveries.

Whilst an overseas shipment can be slightly more costly due to the distance involved, the cost of arranging this type of Highlands parcel delivery is certainly not excessive. In fact, you can arrange an international shipment for just a few pounds, depending on where your parcel is going to.

If you want to reduce costs as much as possible, it may be advisable to rescue the weight or size of your parcel. As both of these factors affect the cost of delivery, you don’t want to add unnecessary bulk to your parcel.

Reducing any excess packaging, for example, can reduce the size of your parcel and may enable you to use the cheapest parcel delivery in Highlands. Whilst your items may need some packing in order to protect them during transit, many goods are over-packaged. By removing this prior to sending your parcel, you may find that the cost of sending a shipment is reduced dramatically.

Useful Information When Sending A Parcel to Highlands

As The Highlands are located in the north of Scotland and, therefore, the north of the UK, they are not particularly accessible. Whilst there are roads connecting towns and villages in the area, the local infrastructure is not comparable to that of larger towns and cities.

Although this increases the attractiveness of The Highlands in many instances, it may mean that a local parcel delivery takes slightly longer than if you were based in a busier area. Whilst a parcel being shipped from Edinburgh may reach its destination in a day or two, for example, a shipment from The Highlands could take slightly longer due to the added transit time.

When you’re planning a cheap parcel delivery to Highlands, it’s important to bear this in mind. If you’re able to arrange your parcel delivery in advance of when you need your items to arrive with their recipient, you should have a better chance of the delivery being completed on time.

In addition to this, if you send a parcel to Highlands early, you’ll be able to take advantage of the cheapest parcel delivery in Highlands costs and offers.

Whilst a special delivery service is often available, this can be slightly more expensive. Wherever you’re based in the UK, express services do tend to cost slightly more than their economy counterparts. If you need to send your goods urgently, however, they can be extremely useful and cost-effective.

Due to the range of transportation available now, it’s easy for parcels to be dispatched to locations all over the world. If you have family or friends based abroad, for example, you can easily book an international parcel delivery to send a parcel to Highlands for them.

If you are planning to send goods overseas for a Highlands parcel delivery, you will need to take a look at the relevant restrictions. Whilst courier firms are unable to transport certain items within the UK, the list of prohibited items for international travel is slightly longer.

Just because you’ve been able to send items to a UK address in the past, it doesn’t automatically mean that they will be suitable for an international shipment. By checking the list prior to booking your parcel delivery in Highlands, you can be sure that you’re not breaching any laws or regulations.

In addition to this, checking the recipient’s address details before you send your parcel can help to reduce potential delays. Whether you’re sending items abroad or within the UK, this can be an easy way to ensure your Highlands parcel delivery is completed without any problems.

If you live in the region or are visiting the area and you want to arrange a parcel delivery in Highlands, why not take a look at the offers available with the Parcel Delivery comparison service? By inputting a few basic details, you can easily access the most efficient and cheapest parcel delivery in Highlands.