Interparcel Alternative


    When you choose Parcel Delivery, you can be certain that your parcel is in the safest of hands. As a reliable and experienced Interparcel alternative, you can enjoy the cheapest rates on the market, the UK’s best couriers, and a huge range of services. While Interparcel offer a fast, online booking service, our courier comparison is the ideal choice for those looking for the cheapest rates for the services you require. Find out more about why you should opt for Parcel Delivery as an Interparcel alternative, below.

    The Benefits Of Choosing Parcel Delivery

    At Parcel Delivery, we pride ourselves on offering the cheapest rates on the market, providing you with savings of up to 79% when compared to the Post Office. We believe in providing a seamless experience throughout the entire parcel delivery process and ensure that you obtain the very best rates at all times. Our secret? Our quick and simple comparison tool, which is able to provide you with the services and rates of up to 30 different courier partners, at a price to suit your budget and requirements. Whether you’re looking to send a parcel to another area in the UK, or you’re looking for a prompt delivery service to a remote island off the coast of Australia, you can be certain we’ll have you covered. As a streamlined Interparcel alternative, get a quote with Parcel Delivery today.

    Interparcel vs. Parcel Delivery

    When scouring the market, one of the leading names that you are certain to come across is Interparcel. Having made their name many years ago, and specialising in providing quick and cheap parcel delivery around the world, Interparcel are a key player in the world of parcel delivery. However, here at Parcel Delivery we aim to provide far more services than those offered by Interparcel, and with a hub of tools and guides to benefit from, our thorough service can provide you with everything you need. Here, we’re taking a closer look at the differences between Parcel Delivery and Interparcel, so you can determine which courier comparison is most likely to suit your individual requirements.

    Countries To Send A Parcel To

    Both Parcel Delivery and Interparcel offer their delivery services to every country and state in the world. No matter how remote, how far away, or how restricted the delivery service may have to be, the network of couriers offered by both courier comparison sites will ensure that your parcel gets to where it needs to be, on time. At Parcel Delivery, whether you’re sending your parcel to Timbuktu, Australia, or another far-off almost unexplored land, you can be certain that our expert range of couriers can provide you with the ultimate solution.

    Couriers To Choose From

    While at Interparcel you are able to access up to 14 different couriers, such as Asendia, CitySprint, Collect Plus and DPD, at Parcel Delivery we want to ensure our customers have a full range of services to choose from. This is why we offer up to 30 different couriers across local, national, international and pallet delivery. Our services are so widespread that even those with the tightest of budgets are able to enjoy the services that we provide.

    Available Tools

    At Parcel Delivery, you can benefit from a Postcode Finder, Volume Calculator and Tracking Tool to ensure that you are consistently benefiting from the most accurate prices. There are a range of available tools on our site, and you should make sure that you utilise these as often as possible, in order to obtain the best prices for your parcel delivery. At Interparcel, while they have a number of tools, the offerings are not quite as extensive. However, shipping tools are soon to be available in order to integrate a shopping cart and connect with the site’s API to streamline the shipping service where possible.

    Parcel Delivery Services Available

    At Interparcel, you can enjoy a range of parcel delivery services suitable for parcels and pallet delivery. With timed delivery a favourable option for many, along with express, same day and standard delivery, there are plenty of options to choose from. At Parcel Delivery, we aim to provide you with an extensive list of parcel delivery services, to ensure that whether you are sending a parcel as an individual or a business, you are provided with everything you require, in one place.

    There are a huge range of options to choose from when you opt for Parcel Delivery as an Interparcel alternative. As an experienced and reputable courier comparison, you can be certain that your parcel will be in the safest of hands with us. Get a quick quote online with Parcel Delivery and start sending your parcels, today!