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    The premier provider of international postal and parcel services, PostNL is the new brand of the famous TNT Express company that many Brits will have seen over the years, following a merger by UPS. A Dutch company, they have services not only in the UK and Netherlands, but in Belgium, Italy, and Germany too – making this mailing service provider one of the biggest and most popular in Europe. Running the TNT Post element of the operation, PostNL are a mainstay in parcel and mail delivery, as well as e-commerce across these regions. PostNL parcel delivery predominantly offer courier services domestically and internationally.

    A huge portion of the service provided by TNT is efficient and reliable parcel shipping which ensures delivery is prompt and intended to suit both sender and recipient with a plethora of modern tracking methods. All of this ensures that PostNL parcel delivery service deliveries are on time and in pristine condition – and this is only the bare minimum of their excellent service.

    If it is a well-organised, systematic service you require, then PostNL parcel delivery is one of the best in the business. With an array of options available depending on weight, time-frame, tracking type, and distance; and also with the ability to deliver a range of item sizes with a large fleet of vehicles – this delivery provider has a fantastic number of choices determined by your requirements. This could also include small or large files and documents, individual single items, a more regular chain of goods, or even oversized items – whatever you need delivered, they have you covered.

    As one of the few standalone mail firms operating such an extensive service, PostNL parcel delivery holds its position firmly in the logistics market. Posting over a million individual items to over 200 countries globally, as well as 4.6 billion to Europe and beyond.

    Working with both national postal services and private couriers, PostNL parcel delivery service works hard to offer the most comprehensive service possible by utilising distribution networks that are available – building up very effective partnerships locally and globally. This system ensures that your mail is in the safe hands of local professionals who have expertise when it comes to that specific local area.

    How PostNL Parcel Delivery Works

    As a leading postal and logistic solutions provider in Europe, focusing on mail and packages primarily – when it comes to long-distance and non-urgent deliveries PostNL parcel delivery service provide one of the most effective services out there. Describing their service as the essential link between the physical and the online world – their main duty is to facilitate connections between people and between companies.

    The operation consists of a modern mail delivery system using technology and an extensive e-commerce network which is growing across Europe; from the Netherlands to Belgium and onward to Germany and the UK more recently. The workforce at PostNL consists of over 46,000+ people and they are proud to boast an extensive network that facilitates connections between customers.

    With constantly changing needs in modern society, PostNL couriers’ use of local and international knowledge is vital. Numerous invaluable local couriers that form part of the extensive network in this organisation all help to constantly improve everyday operations. This constant innovation forges out ever-improving systems for everyday package, mail, and parcel delivery – meaning the customer will always benefit, and any savings made will always be seen by the customer, whether in price or speed of service. The ideal goal for PostNL couriers is to find the most efficient route for each individual item, and this extensive use of local knowledge, analysis, and technology will always be one of the values held in the firm.

    Delivering whenever, wherever, and however the customer wants is the principal ideal of PostNL couriers. There are plenty of tailored options to suit individual requirements, but two of the most popular services are the Euro Economy and Euro Drop Off. Euro Economy service is collected by a courier and passed on the PostNL parcels network where it is processed and then taken to the recipient via the most efficient method possible. Euro Drop Off is a very similar process, however the parcel would firstly have to be dropped off at one of the 4,500 Collect+ parcel points in the UK.

    As well as delivering mail and parcels, PostNL parcels also offers a huge number of services including direct marketing, fulfilment, and installation services. The vast array of networks can also be used to connect local businesses to a global consumer base.

    Why Choose PostNL Parcel Delivery?

    Whether you are looking to send an important document, a gift, or even a larger item; each delivery is completely secure, which helps maintain peace of mind, especially during longer international parcel deliveries. It should not only arrive on time and in immaculate condition, but never become a concern for you during the time it is on the road. Peace of mind is crucial to a successful delivery for PostNL parcels, so customers like you can get on with the more important things in life.

    Another brilliant feature that incorporates PostNL’s values when it comes to using technology to improve efficiency and visibility, is the Track & Trace online portal. This lets you keep an eye on your internationally registered mail or package on its way to its destination – with a full tracking system following the item throughout the journey.

    By choosing PostNL as your selected delivery provider, or even for those one-off deliveries, you are guaranteed one of the most tried-and-tested international distribution services in Europe. With standard and flexible options on offer, you can be sure your package will be delivered on time by the most effective method available.

    With a vast network of knowledgeable local delivery drivers and a huge number of tailored delivery options available internationally, you can be sure your mail is in the right hands. Their drivers and local courier centres have been selected from only the best available, and by choosing PostNL you are guaranteed safety for your parcel as well as the best support, both from customer service staff and online via the portal. The only way to fully ensure safety, security, and peace of mind during delivery is to choose a trusted provider – this on top of the plethora of options available for package size, deadline of arrival, and security level means PostNL are a fantastic option.

    PostNL Parcel Delivery Times and Prices

    It isn’t just efficiency that is at the heart of PostNL’s global delivery operation, but the ability to offer competitively priced services. Given how efficient the international network of couriers is, it will be difficult to find a courier as good as PostNL which offers the same value for money. With prices different for each individual package, as per standard when it comes to the industry, you will of course need to consider various differentials such as size, weight, urgency, and distance.

    As standard, weights of up to 30kg as well as a domestic delivery time of usually between 1-7 days, depending on distance, means PostNL has what is a seemingly endless number of services and prices for delivery per item. This certainly isn’t the limit, with other flexible options such as speed zone allocations, bulk mail, domestic express, registered, insurance options, priority mail, flexible international packets, and more.

    What is for sure, however, is that PostNL are able to offer a complete service no matter your needs. Being connected, passionate, and inventive form some of the core values at this modern delivery company, so when you choose PostNL with Parcel Delivery, you are guaranteed a service you can rely on, every time.