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    Situated in the northeast corner of Wales Clwyd is one of the best locations to send a parcel. Due to the picturesque countryside, this is a location full of tourism. Not only does it have a theatre but there are a number of hotels and local businesses. Parcel delivery services are therefore needed for these businesses to run.

    To accommodate this, there is a vast network of roads and rail to transport parcels. This ensures quick delivery either by courier or standard post. In addition, the ports in Liverpool also facilitate the need for international delivery. This allows for parcels to be sent quickly and on time.

    There are also a number of landmarks to visit here such as the largest aqueduct in the UK as well as the River Dee. This means that transportation links need to be well-built to allow free movement. This is, therefore, a benefit to businesses as this can aid the delivery process. The faster the parcel is delivered the better the business looks.

    Steps To Consider When Sending A Parcel To Clwyd:


    Choosing the right box is crucial. But picking the correct inner packaging is also important. By wrapping each item individually and adding inner packaging, you can prevent damage. However, using inner packaging that will keep the weight down is also important. The heavier the parcel is, the more costly delivery will be. By keeping the weight down, this will reduce cost and ensure the parcel is protected.

    A number of cardboard boxes will have a maximum weight listed on the side. This will help you to decide the thickness based on the weight of the parcel. This will prevent the box from opening or ripping during transit.


    In addition to packaging, it is vital that measurements are accurate. This will make finding quotes much easier. With a number of at-home scales available, this can help you to avoid additional charges. This is beneficial for a business as it can cut costs. The lower the shipping costs are the better. When you have these measurements, you can then begin to compare prices online.

    Delivery Option:

    When comparing the prices, it is important to have a delivery option in mind. Delivery price can vary depending on the chosen option. Therefore, it is important to budget and get quotes beforehand. With standard delivery costing less than a courier service, it is important to account for the price difference.

    Parcel Delivery Options To Clwyd Wales

    Whether you are using shipping or a courier, there are a number of delivery options to this area. These are as follows:

    Standard Delivery:

    Though this has a lower cost, this can take longer than other delivery options. There is no set time frame for this delivery as it depends on the courier. This is the normal post system and commonly involves delivery by road or rail.

    Pallet Delivery:

    In addition to same day delivery, there is also the option for pallet delivery. This is commonly used by those looking to send heavy items such as machinery. The pallet is ideal for this as it can withstand the weight of heavier items. Additionally, all parcels can be wrapped in bubble wrap to ensure they are protected.

    In addition to machinery, furniture can also be transported via pallet. This will help to keep belongings together and prevent damage. This is used by a business relocating or those moving home as prices can then be reduced.

    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To Clwyd

    When sending a parcel to Clwyd, there are a number of elements that you should consider. One of the biggest is packaging your items. Find a box that can support the weight of the item and label it. This will not only ensure successful delivery; it will prevent damage. This is crucial for small business as it will prevent items from becoming damaged.

    Inner packaging is also important when packaging an item. Inner packaging helps to prevent items from moving about too much. By bubbling wrapping individual items and placing them in the box, you limit the amount of movement. This is important when using standard delivery, as it will need to be strong enough to travel a long distance.

    In addition to packaging, it is important to consider restricted items. Items such as baked goods, cosmetics and jewellery are not covered for loss or damage. In these cases, insurance policies will be needed to cover the items.

    It is important to also consider the prohibited items that a courier will not deliver. These can include the following:

    • Animals
    • Fireworks
    • Currencies
    • Perishable foods
    • Ivory
    • Animal Furs

    Each courier may have separate items that they are not willing to send. Therefore, it is important to check beforehand. This may restrict the number of couriers that you can choose from. Therefore, it is important to look at these items before choosing the service.

    When you have narrowed down the list of courier services in Clwyd, it is important to compare prices. Using a price comparison tool is an effective way to do this. Simply supply us with the measurements and weight of your parcel to get started. Input the destination as well as the delivery option, and we will find a price that fits your budget.

    You can then organise your delivery date and leave the parcel for your chosen courier, the rest is all taken care of. So why not try our price comparison tool today!