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Return Address

JD Internet Returns

Door 2

Michael Faraday Avenue



OL16 4FW


Around 87% of consumers in the UK have bought at least one product online in the past year. Add that to the huge popularity of sports brand clothing these days, and you can see why retailers such as JD Sports have invested heavily in their online presence.

Though the JD Sports national chain of stores is still the choice for many consumers, others love the convenience of picking out their sports and fashion wear – or bagging the latest trainers – online.

However, this also means that there are increasing numbers of people who need to send parcels back to the Manchester-based sports fashion company. This can be for many reasons, including when the purchaser changes their mind or finds it doesn’t fit.

Is sending things back to JD Sports difficult?

At Parcel Delivery, we thought some insights and information about how to return products to JD Sports would be useful. We have also provided a guide to show how easy it is to arrange JD Sports parcel returns using our online quote system.

Like many digital and in-store retailers, JD Sports knows that customers are not always going to want to keep items they buy.

The company’s manufacturing standards – and use of the best parcel delivery couriers – mean that JD Sports returns are rarely about product quality or damaged goods.

It is more likely that you want to return products to JD Sports as they were not what you expected, they don’t fit or you simply changed your mind.

You have statutory (established in law) consumer rights to ask for a refund or exchange in many retail situations. However, JD Sports returns policy also extends a window of opportunity to get your money back or swap your choice for something else.

You have to make JD Sports returns within 14 days if you want to cancel a purchase. If you would like to exchange your JD Sports goods for any reason, the company gives you a 28-day window of opportunity.

You can take things back to a store, even if you bought them online. In that case, a refund or exchange can be done immediately, and you will get your money back on your credit/debit card if that is how you paid.

If you paid for JD Sports products with PayPal or Apple Pay, the transaction will be reversed once the item has been processed by the company’s distribution centre.

Returning things to the store is free. However, if you prefer, you can make your JD Sports returns via couriers for speed and convenience. Details of how you send something back to JD Sports are in the next part of this guide.

There is an exception to the JD Sports returns policy if any item of clothing or footwear has been specially commissioned by the purchaser, like football shirts with your own name printed on the back. If it has been personalised in any way, you can’t return JD Sports products unless the personalised lettering differs from what you ordered, or the item itself has a fault.

Just occasionally, like all retailers, JD Sports has to issue a product recall. They will issue information on their website about JD Sports parcel returns in this situation but it usually involves taking the item into one of their stores for a full refund.

Return Your JD Sports Parcel

If you prefer not to take your purchases back to a store – due to time constraints for example – you may need to know how to post something back to JD Sports.

You have two options for this. You could use the JD Sports courier service. Or, you could make your own arrangements for cheap parcel delivery back to JD Sports.

If you log on to the courier service offered by the JD Sports returns policy, it will cost you a flat fee of £2.50 to send products back. The parcel will be picked up from you, for delivery to the company’s distribution centre.

Alternatively, you could use our quick and straightforward online parcel quote system, to find a low-cost way of getting products returned to JD Sports.

You would need to add in the detail of your parcel and get an instant comparison of the best services and prices.

JD Sports is happy for you to make your own arrangements for product returns. However, the company strongly recommends that you get a proof of posting. Fortunately, with the couriers we recommend, that is simple to arrange. You can also track your parcel right up to the moment it is received by the JD Sports parcel returns department.

If you are planning to send products back, you may be asking where do I send product returns to JD Sports?

This is the correct address to use:

JD Internet Returns

Door 2

Michael Faraday Avenue



OL16 4FW

JD Sports Couriers

JD Sports has picked couriers to work with that can provide the sports fashion giant with the high level of delivery service customers expect.

The company can deliver to 197 different countries.

From when you place your online order, receiving your JD Sports products generally takes 4 to 10 working days. Sometimes a signature would be required for a JD Sports delivery.

You can opt for different speeds of delivery if you are using JD Sports’ own couriers to get your order to you. This includes standard arrangements and a Tracked Express delivery service.

What if you then need to send your items back to JD Sports because they are the wrong products or they are damaged in some way? Contact the Customer Service team at JD Sports to draw this to their attention and they can arrange a courier to pick up your parcel.

If you change your mind or your items don’t fit, refer to the information in this guide about options for returning items to JD Sports.

Tracking Your JD Sports Order

If you have picked out clothing, trainers or sports accessories from JD Sports’ online catalogue and completed the payment process, you may be interested in tracking the progress of your order, not least to make sure you are at home when you receive your JD sports purchases.

As the company uses couriers who utilise the latest technology for their business operations, it means many parcels they send out can be tracked by customers online, using a unique reference number. To be sure of being able to track your JD Sports items on their way to you, select Tracked Express in your delivery options.

To track a JD Sports order, you will need to log on to their website.

You would then need to type in your order number and your email address (the one you used when you placed the JD Sports online order). Alternatively, you could use your postcode.

The company will also send you an email with information about tracking a JD Sports delivery. There is also useful information that can be found in your online account registered with the company.

Are you making a JD Sports return using one of the couriers located with our free comparison system? Many of them also offer you the chance to track your parcel on its way back to the sports fashion retailer. This could include notification of the safe arrival of your JD Sports returns.