Skynet Parcel Delivery

Offering you flexible options for urgent packages and parcels, Skynet offer a specialist next day delivery services across the UK.


    Since Its establishment in 1972, Skynet has helped businesses all over the world to send parcels. With a global network of offices and competitive transit time, they have neem a favourite for years. As a business, they provide a wide range of services to help your parcel delivery be a success. With a powerful and user-friendly web-based system, you know your delivery will be successful every time.

    In addition, Skynet is by far one of the most advanced in the courier and cargo industry. With full coverage of locations all over the world, a Skynet courier service can benefit you. There are services for businesses as well as individuals for stress-free delivery at all times. In addition, their wide range of services makes delivery easy, allowing you to spend as much or as little as you want.

    Services Available When Using Skynet

    When picking service from the Skynet courier price list, it is important to know exactly what you are getting. With express delivery and standard delivery, it is vital that you find one that works for your budget. To help you out, we have written a short summer of each service, to ensure you make the best decision every time.

    Export Express

    This is a door to door Skynet courier service. This can be used for import or export and can deliver to every country in the world. Each shipment using this service is trackable online and will arrive within a small-time frame. In addition, each delivery made with this service will be handled by a customer service team. This will ensure everything is taken care of at every stage. The delivery times for this service are as follows:

    • 0900 Express Next Weekday Delivery before 0900 hours
    • 1030 Express Next Weekday Delivery before 1030 hours
    • 1200 Express Next Weekday Delivery before 1200 hours
    • Import Express Door To Door Services From Over 180 Countries Worldwide

    If you are sending an item that is fragile, additional insurance may be required. This will help to cover the cost of accidental damages or theft. This can be purchased directly from the courier at an affordable price. You get to choose the level of coverage that you want, allowing you peace of mind.

    Cargo Delivery

    If you are not under any time constraints, using a cargo service may be the best option. This is designed for heavy parcels and can take between 5-7 days to be delivered. In addition, this parcel delivery option is one of the more affordable on the Skynet courier price list.

    Economy Express

    If you are looking for fast delivery with reduced cost Skynet Economy Express service can help. It provides delivery of parcels and documents around the world with ease. This is a slightly expensive process, but it helps to ensure your documents are not lost in transit.

    Sky Returns

    Sky returns is another efficient way of returning a parcel to a retailer. This will not only save you money but will help you to obtain faster refunds as a result. Though this is only used by some retailers, this is an efficient way of returning an item. However, it is important to be aware of the returns policy of your chosen retailer. This is because some have a 14 to the 28-day limit in order to send the parcel back. If you were to exceed this, you may then not be eligible for a refund. Therefore, it is important to check this as it could save you money in the long term.

    Logistics And Fulfilment Services

    In addition to the delivery options, there are a number of other services available. These logistics and fulfilment services include packing, collecting, labelling and processing of shipments. This can include a wide range of smaller services all of which are available to large and small businesses. This can include some of the following options:

    • Immediate delivery confirmation
    • Customer tailored monitoring of all shipments
    • Immediate proof of delivery
    • Delivery on the first flight to a chosen location.

    Though this may not seem like much, this can all benefit smaller and larger businesses. The faster the delivery options are, the more likely they are to keep happy customers. As part of this, Skynet UK services work with you to ensure the best possible results, tailored to your company.

    Other Specialised Services

    If you are looking for something more than standard delivery options, there are a number of specialist options available. These can include the following:

    • Pickup and Drop Off– Delivery of technical spares from Skynet branches across the country.
    • Embassy Courier – Pick up and delivery of visa applications and other official documents to and from the embassy.
    • Messenger and banking services– This is the collection and banking of cheques on a fixed basis. These will be delivered on the same day or even overnight.
    • Fulfilment – This is the packing and shipping of orders directly to customers. This will help to speed up the delivery process and improve the daily function of your business.
    • Delivery Of Dangerous Goods – With many years of experience in handling dangerous goods via a specialist courier.

    Each of these specialised services can be booked online and are specially tailored to you. Whether it is the next day or same day, there is a price point for you. If you are unsure about any of these delivery options, there is customer service to help you. The Skynet UK team are prompt in their replies and can help you with any queries. Whether it is an office abroad or in the UK, they are contactable by either phone or email.

    Preparing Your Item For Shipment

    Before sending your item, you need to package it correctly. The thickness of the box will need to be specific to the weight of the parcel. If your item is heavy, a double-walled box is better suited. The size of the box should be large enough for the parcel and inner packaging. 1-2 mm is recommended to make room for bubble wrap and packing peanuts. These are ideal for inner packaging as they add protection without extra weight. If you are a business, these can be purchased in bulk and saved. It is then time to seal the box on both the top and the bottom. Packaging tape will prevent this from opening during transit. This tape can also be added to the corners of the box to strengthen the box.

    The delivery address should then be added to the top and the item placed ready for delivery. This will then be picked up by your chosen Skynet courier and delivered with ease. If you are a business sending multiple parcels, Skynet UK services can collect them. They will then be transported by delivery service to your destination, thus increasing efficiency.

    If the item is fragile, there is also the option for packing tape. This will make sure that your Skynet courier handles your item with care. However, sometimes accidents do happen, therefore it is recommended that you package your parcel correctly. This will help to limit the damage during transit or if it was to be dropped. If the item you are sending is fragile, it may be worth wrapping this in bubble wrap, as this will prevent it from breaking in the box.

    The Vast Network Of Delivery Centres

    Skynet UK services have a vast network of offices all over the world. This allows delivery abroad to be carried out quickly. But with a number of regional hubs, communication and tracking are one of the best that it can be. With fast reliable Skynet courier service as well as competitive transit time, Skynet makes sending parcel stress-free. These regional hubs are located in the following places:

    • Americas
    • Europe
    • Middle East
    • Asia
    • Oceania
    • Africa

    Each of these services can help you to deliver these parcels efficiently whether it is for a loved one or a customer.

    How Can Parcel Delivery Help You?

    Here at Parcel Delivery, we strive to make finding Skynet Quotes simple. We not only compare the price of all couriers, we compare services. We take all the information-on you provide to us and begin comparing. Here at Parcel Delivery, we take some of the most affordable options that suit your budget. To get started you will need to provide us with the following information:

    • The Destination
    • The Collection Postcode
    • The Delivery Postcode
    • The Weight and Height Of The Parcel
    • The Length And Width Of The Parcel

    It is vital that the information you provide to us is correct, therefore it is recommended that you weight the parcel before imputing this information. We will then calculate the costs making sure there are no surprise charges during the delivery process. We work closely with Skynet UK services to find you the best price from their Skynet courier price list every time. We work hard to get you the best Skynet parcel rate with the least amount of stress at every stage. With this in mind, why not try our price comparison tool today to get started finding your Skynote quotes.