Why Insurance Is Crucial For Parcel Delivery

Thousands of parcels are delivered across the country and around the world every day, all varying in price and value. After having paid for the parcel delivery, the packaging and the object itself, many forget about getting their parcel insured. However, it is incredibly vital that you do get insurance and here is why, below.


When an item is transported from city to city or country to country, there is the chance that it could get broken. Whether that is due to the uneven road throughout the journey or the courier unintentionally dropping the parcel. Therefore it is crucial that you get insurance for your parcel delivery in order to cover any damage that has occurred during transit. In order to prevent breakages, wrap your item in bubble wrap and include packing peanuts in the box, which should be sturdy and the correct size for the item you are sending.


If you are a business selling products and sending them to customers, then there are insurance policies in place for you. Finding a policy that fits your business’s individual requirements means that you will be fully covered no matter what happens.

Expensive Parcels

If you are sending an expensive parcel, you want to know that if it gets damaged then you will be paid compensation. Therefore, not only is it essential that you have your parcel insured, but that you check the small print of the insurance company for any clauses. The last thing you want is to discover that your parcel is broken and your insurance company isn’t paying out or will pay less than you thought.

So, check for any clauses in the insurance policy that you have chosen, before you agree to have your Goods in Transit insured. There are many companies offering insurance in this area, so take your time to find one that suits your budgets and requirements.


As a courier, you will visit a number of different locations daily, and it is likely that you will be in a hurry. With multiple destinations to deliver packages to each day, you are just rushing from one front door to another. Therefore, it is important that you have insurance in the unfortunate event that a package is damaged or broken. There are circumstances when accidents occur, which cannot be prevented, so by having the insurance in place, you can deliver packages knowing that you are protected. You should find an insurance policy that is personalised to the role that you do, which will ultimately save you money!

In addition to having insurance as a courier, the transport used for parcel delivery needs to have insurance; for vans, cars and fleets.

As you can see, insurance is crucial when it comes to parcel delivery for several reasons. So, next time you send a parcel, ensure that you get it insured, because you never know what the journey may be like for it. Of course, the couriers will work hard to try and prevent any breakages, along with the protective packaging you wrap your items up in, but ultimately accidents can happen on some occasions.