Palletways Parcel Delivery

If you are a business looking to send a parcel, then Palletways is right for you. With a number of services around the UK and abroad, they make sending parcels simple. Since its founding in 1994, the company has developed a network of experienced couriers. With over 400 depots and 23 hubs, you can fulfil delivery quickly. In addition to this, there are delivery options to over 24 countries.


    Delivery Options With Palletways Services

    Premium Services

    One of the biggest benefits of Palletways UK delivery is the premium services you can choose from. There is am delivery, timed delivery and international services. Though the prices may vary depending on the distance, this is outlined beforehand. Domestic types will be delivered within 24 hours and deliveries abroad can take between 48-72 hours.  Therefore, it is important to leave a suitable amount of time for your delivery option. This is important if it is shipments of products to retailers. This is because late delivery can mean loss of revenue for both sides. Therefore, this is just one of the many reasons that Palletways UK services are used by businesses.

    Economy Services

    In addition to premium services, there is the option for cost-effective economy services. Though these do take longer to deliver, they are often the most affordable option. Domestic delivery of this kind can take up to 48 hours. Shipping a board can also take a little longer ranging between 72- 96 hours. This is important to remember before booking as this will reduce costs. It is also important to remember that the weight of the pallet can lead to the rise in shipping. Therefore, packing each box with light inner packaging is advised. This will provide the protection that the item needs without adding weight.

    These inner packaging can be ordered in bulk and stored in the warehouse. This allows you to ship orders quickly. Bubble wrap and packing peanuts are ideal for this as they are bought in bulk at a low cost and can be reused. This can not only help to cut costs; it can fulfil orders quickly. This is ideal for a business of any kind as it will ensure that the customer is happy.

    Palletways delivery service is also an efficient way of shipping high-value items overseas. This can not only aid in the expansion of a business. With quick and easy delivery abroad, you can keep the cost to a minimum. All without missing out on outstanding service.

    Regional Services

    In addition to economy and premium, there is also the option for regional services. These Palletways prices can vary depending on the delivery option and can be difficult to reduce. However, with international pallet delivery to and from the UK, sending a parcel is simple. There is a pallet delivery network with over 350 members waiting to help you.

    How To Get Your Palletways Quote

    Getting your Pallet ways quote is simple, all you have to do is provide us with information. We will require the dimensions of the parcel as well as the weight. This will allow us to begin getting your perfect quote. Palletways make it easy to send heavy parcels, regardless of the size.

    We understand that finding an affordable price for Palletways UK delivery can take time. This is why we make our process easy. Simply input the information above, and we will take care of the rest.

    It is important to ensure that the information you provide us with is accurate. Therefore, it is important to weight the parcel beforehand. This will prevent any hidden charges and will make sure our quote is as accurate as possible.

    Useful Information To Know When Sending A Parcel With Palletways

    When you decide to send a parcel with Palletways UK delivery services, there are items you cannot send. These prohibited items can lead to persecution should you try to send them without disclosing them. Some prohibited items are as follows:

    • Bleach
    • Ignitable Gas
    • Ink/ Toner
    • Live Animals
    • Nail Varnish
    • Passports

    If you are worried that your Palletways delivery will not be sent with your chosen courier, get in touch.  You will be able to ask questions and get all the information that you need instantly. With this in mind, it is important to make courier Palletways UK service aware beforehand. This will prevent delay in your delivery service and ensure that it is successful.

    The Benefits Of Palletways Delivery Services

    There are a number of benefits that come along with a Palletways delivery service. This because they cater to numerous industry sectors. In addition to this, Palletways prices are more than affordable. This, therefore, allows you to make the most out of your delivery option, regardless of what you pick.

    Tracking is also provided as standard when using Palletways delivery services. This provides you with the peace of mind you need at every stage of the process. This 11-digit code will be sent in an emailed and can be shared between you and the recipient. This is great for businesses as parcels can be tracked with ease.

    In addition, Palletways have over 25 years of experience shipping heavier items. This is great for those moving abroad or relocating offices. Simply place all your items on a pallet and the delivery company will do the rest. Though this can take time to organise this is one of the most cost-effective options.

    The final benefit is the vast cloud network that Palletways use. These makes sending parcels easy, as information is sent quickly. This allows for excellence at every stage. Palletways offer international and local delivery all available at prices to suit any budget. This allows for delivery anywhere to be affordable. Additionally, there are over 23 distribution hubs around Europe, allowing you to enjoy the very best of the best at all times.

    Though accidents are unlikely, it is important to ensure that you are covered. If this is the case, additional insurance may be needed. This can be purchased form your Palletways service and can protect against damages or loss. This can be put together for a set price and will benefit you in the long term.

    Packaging Tips When Using Palletways Delivery Options

    Sending a pallet with Pallet ways is easy. First, you should begin by packing each item individually in similar sized boxes. When these are secure, you can then begin stacking them on the pallet. This can then be shrink-wrapped and labelled to ensure that it is secure.

    Alternatively, there is the option to stack all the smaller boxes into one large box on the top of the pallet. It is important to remember that all items should be packed on the pallet in columns. This will prevent jagged edges and will prevent damage to parcels at any point. In addition, it is important to ensure the pallet is level and flat. This will help you to avoid additional costs.

    When they have been stacked and secured, the contents then need to be strapped to the pallet. This will prevent them from becoming loose during shipping and even becoming lost. This is important as this will ensure your Palletways delivery arrives in one piece.

    This shipping option is ideal for businesses as this allows them to send items in bulk. With Palletways prices working out highly affordable, there may even be deals for sending items all at once. If this is the case, finding a Palletways quote in advance is advised.

    When you have received your quote, it is then important to make a shipping label. This should then be fastened to the outside of the pallet. This will ensure that your Palletways delivery service knows where the parcel is heading to. It is important that the writing on the parcel is as clear as possible. This will prevent the parcel being delivered to the wrong address by mistake.

    Customer Service With Palletways Delivery

    When using a delivery service, we understand how important customer service is. This is why Palletways delivery makes it easy to get in touch. There experienced team of professionals are available by phone at any time to support your business. In addition to this, the tracking software and cloud storage, make it easier than ever to locate the parcel. This, therefore, prevents loss and provides you with peace of mind. If you are unsure about this, it is important to get in touch with your chosen delivery service directly.

    We understand that the credibility of your business is crucial. This is why we will never pair you with a courier that will overcharge. Our price comparison tool compares the prices of a wide range of service. This is with the aim of making your delivery as quick and simple as possible. We take all the relevant information and compare delivery options, giving you a quote quickly. We only work with reliable couriers that have multiple years’ experience and knowledge in the field. So why not try our price comparison tool today, and get started finding the perfect price for your delivery.