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Biggleswade is always in need of parcel delivery, so we strive at Parcel Delivery to ensure that you can find one for an affordable price!


Populated with 16,551 people, Biggleswade is a market town located on the Rivel Ivel in Bedfordshire. Parcel delivery in Biggleswade has always been important due to its popular vegetable and produce trade, taking daily loads of vegetables to London’s produce markets. Even though a lot of this isn’t existent in present day, Biggleswade still makes a lot of trades across the UK, making parcel delivery Biggleswade very important.

Alternatively, you might have family living in Biggleswade and you’d like to send them a present to let them know you’re thinking of them? Whatever the reason for sending a parcel to Biggleswade, cheap parcel delivery to Biggleswade doesn’t have to be difficult, which is why Parcel Delivery is here!

Parcel Delivery To Biggleswade

Finding cheap parcel delivery to Biggleswade can be difficult, especially when there are so many cheap courier services to Biggleswade to choose from. That’s why with us, you can find all of our trusted cheap courier to Biggleswade services in one place, making a decision easier to make. By entering the dimensions and location of delivery into our smart courier comparison tool, you’ll be presented with a series of quotes from each of our trusted cheap courier services to Biggleswade, so then it’s down to you!

Depending on the cheap courier to Biggleswade service you choose, the price of your parcel delivery, Biggleswade could change slightly. We would always recommend that you send your parcel as early as possible to give it time to arrive at its destination. Otherwise, you will end up paying more for your parcel delivery by using special delivery services. For example, DPD Local will charge £5.99 for a drop off service for a 0.5kg parcel, whereas if you’d like to opt for next day delivery, it will cost you £7.49.

Another factor that will change the price of your parcel delivery in Biggleswade is the weight of your parcel. The heavier the parcel is, the more it will cost, and whilst sometimes the weight cannot be prevented, using lighter packaging materials will keep any extra weight to a minimum. Even scrunched up newspaper will do the job as long as you pack it into your parcel efficiently. Lightweight packaging will also help when looking at booking cheap shipping to Biggleswade as it will reduce the overall cost. Although the option for cheap shipping to Biggleswade is often the cheapest option it can also heavily increase the overall delivery time, therefore it is important to send your parcel in advance to get the best cheap delivery to Biggleswade that is as successful as possible.

Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To Biggleswade

Sending a parcel to Biggleswade doesn’t have to be confusing or difficult. To minimise any confusion, we have a few tips to keep your parcel delivery Biggleswade as smooth as possible. Firstly, you should ensure that the couriers are notified about any fragile contents within the parcel. To do this as effectively as possible, write the word ‘FRAGILE’ in capital, bold letters to make it easy to read. As well as this, it could be a good idea to seal the package with red and white striped tape, as this connotes the fact that the contents of the parcel are fragile, immediately alerting the courier at a quick glance.

Sometimes, investing in insurance can be a good idea when you send a parcel to Biggleswade from a distant destination. We trust all of our couriers and would never recommend an unsatisfactory company, however from time to time accidents can happen. Couriers aren’t responsible for any breakages if you fail to protect your parcel with the appropriate packaging material. Therefore, by ensuring your parcel, you can save yourself some money and have the peace of mind that if anything was to happen during your parcel delivery in Biggleswade, you would be covered.

We are always happy to help at Parcel Delivery, so ensure you use our comparison tool today to help you send a parcel to Biggleswade with the best cheap delivery to Biggleswade possible!