Send a parcel to Ampthill

People need to send a parcel to Ampthill every day, so we're here to ensure that your parcel delivery experience is an enjoyable one!


Located in the town of Bedfordshire, Ampthill is a small town with a population of approximately 7,000. If you take a stroll around this town on Thursday, you might find yourself upon a market, which is why parcel delivery in Ampthill is important for locals, as without it, they’d be stuck for produce. There are also several small businesses located in this town, making cheap parcel delivery to Ampthill essential. Ampthill is actually one of the most expensive places to buy a house in Bedfordshire, making the number of overall residents low. However, that doesn’t mean that cheap courier services to Ampthill won’t undertake parcel delivery in Ampthill.

Parcel Delivery to Ampthill

Before you send a parcel to Ampthill, you’ll need to consider the dimensions of your parcel. Of course, the heavier the parcel, the more expensive it will be to send. In order to arrange cheap parcel delivery to Ampthill, you will need to reduce the weight of your parcel. Packaging materials such as scrunched up newspapers or foam packaging “peanuts” will keep the contents of your parcel safe from breakages whilst being as light as possible, ensuring cheap delivery to Ampthill.

At Parcel Delivery, we trust our cheap courier services to Ampthill and, by using our clever comparison tool, you will be able to find the best cheap courier to Ampthill to send your parcel to Ampthill. If you would like to send a 0.5kg parcel from London to Ampthill, it will only cost £7.49 for a next day delivery if you decide to use DPD’s delivery services. Therefore, if you’re in a rush and your parcel needs to arrive to Ampthill as quick as possible, it won’t cost you too much, as long as you keep your parcel light! The quicker the service is, the more it will cost you- a noon delivery will cost £13.49, so try to send your parcel as far in advance as you can when using any cheap courier to Ampthill services.

Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To Ampthill

When sending your parcel to Ampthill, it’s crucial to ensure that you write the address on your package clearly. Whilst it might sound like an obvious step, you’ll be very surprised at the number of people who get the postal code wrong, ultimately delaying the parcel delivery and consequently, the parcel doesn’t get to the destination on time. When using one ou our cheap shipping to Ampthill services it is advised that the box is secured properly in order to prevent damages, in addition to this clear tape should be placed over the delivery address to prevent potential smudging of the delivery or return address. When looking to book cheap shipping to Ampthill use our price comparison tool today and we will take care of everything, ensuring you get the best price possible for cheap delivery to Ampthill.

If you send a parcel to Ampthill with fragile contents, you should also ensure that the exterior of your parcel makes this as clear as possible. All of our couriers handle parcels with care no matter what, but by alerting them about fragile contents, you can rest assured that it will be in safe hands. Therefore, write the world “FRAGILE” in capital letters in bold black pen to make it easy to read. As Ampthill can sometimes experience very heavy downpours, it may also be worth covering this sign in transparent tape to prevent it from washing off in these weather conditions.

Your recipient might be a busy individual, with very little time to leave the house outside of work hours. Therefore, if you forget to check if they’re at home or not on the date of delivery, this might be very inconvenient for them as they’ll have to commute to the nearest depot to collect their parcel. Because of this, we’d recommend arranging a date and time that is appropriate for both parties, preventing any confusion and inconveniences from occurring.

With the help of Parcel Delivery, you can ensure that your parcel delivery Ampthill is a flawless one. Start using our courier comparison tool today!