AJG Parcel Delivery

Send you parcel to the furthest corners of the Scottish Highlands, tackling all weather to get your parcel where it needs to be.

AJG Parcels from £5.99 exc VAT
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If you need to rely on the experience and local knowledge of a parcel delivery service in Scotland – from the very tips of the Islands and Highlands to the busy city streets of Edinburgh or Aberdeen – then look no further than AJG.

It could well be that you have used our simple and effective comparison tool, and AJG parcel delivery service has risen to the top. If that is the case, then you need have no hesitation in opting for this cheap parcel delivery option. Rest assured that you will benefit from the utmost in experience and expertise in parcel delivery and collection in Scotland.

Known throughout Scotland for its responsive and responsible parcel delivery service, AJG handles thousands of items every single day. With its own team of highly trained personnel, it is also backed by the resources and outreach of the Menzies distribution company.

AJG couriers and their 100 distinctive vehicles are out in all weathers, year round, delivering commercial goods, gifts and personal items throughout the country, from John O Groats to the Western Isles, and from Fraserburgh to Portpatrick.

AJG parcel delivery team can also be trusted with collecting parcels from Scottish addresses to travel onwards to the rest of the UK too. So with AJG couriers, your item or items can be collected from your door – or you can take them to one of AJG’s convenient drop-off points – for safe delivery to any business or residential address in the UK. This is because AJG has the support of quality courier systems and a network built on the same high standards and streamlined business systems.

Some of the quality of AJG parcels is found in their origins. The company started small, as a husband and wife team, determined to offer customers in Inverness a versatile and prompt parcel delivery service. Since then, AJG parcels – delivery and collection – has become big business and a considerable amount of money has been invested in their growth and development. This has been achieved without ever losing sight of the need for individual customer care.

AJG can take large parcels and small parcels – for businesses and individuals – to and from any part of Scotland, including the remotest corners of the Highlands, Islands and Argyle. As they are an environmentally ethical company, they don’t even require you to print out labels or paperwork. All that is part of the service they provide.

AJG couriers also drive a fleet that adheres to the latest fuel efficiency guidelines.

How AJG Parcel Delivery Works

The dedicated and responsive AJG parcel delivery service is possible because the company combines local experience with the contemporary, streamlined business systems.

Parcels trusted to the company’s capable hands can be dropped at any of their satellite offices throughout Scotland. From there, your parcel of commercial products, gifts or personal items may well be transported to AJG parcel’s 10,000 sq ft hub in Inverness. From this state of the art headquarters, your parcel will be promptly delivered onwards, handled with care until it reaches the hands of the recipient.

These reliable parcel delivery services are tracked every step of the way. AJG provides all customers with a real-time online system to trace the progress of their parcel. You will be issued with a unique reference number for your AJG parcel. Simply key this into the company’s website for an update on where your parcel is with pinpoint accuracy.

Why Choose AJG Parcel Delivery?

AJG may well rise to the top when using our online parcel delivery quoting system if your collection to delivery is within Scotland. This will be particularly significant if your item or items are on the way to a remote location in the country – such as a croft in the Orkneys or an isolated farm in the Cairngorms. However, the level of service and care provided is equally relevant for timed deliveries to homes or businesses in cities and towns throughout Scotland. Even the most up to date GPS systems can’t fully replace the value of local knowledge, knowing instinctively not just the quickest routes, but also the ways to avoid delivery days due to the vagaries of the Scottish environment and geography.

With such expertise – alongside the latest technology – AJG parcel delivery service is not only able to offer reliable handling of your gift, goods or personal items. They can even offer a variety of service levels and options to suit your needs and budget. This includes door to door parcel collection and delivery. They also offer specialised timed services and expedited next day delivery.

If you trust someone to help you fulfil an order for commercial goods, your reputation is on the line. And if you are sending gifts or personal effects to an individual when the contents and timing matter, then finding a reliable delivery service means peace of mind – which also means finding a parcel delivery firm in Scotland that offers both reliable business systems, and great attention to detail.

If you need further proof of this, then be assured that AJG offers high-quality proof of delivery as standard. If you choose AJG couriers, you will receive a digital signature to prove successful delivery within minutes of your parcel leaving their hands. This clearly shows that this is a company that cares about getting parcels to their destination on time, and in perfect condition, no matter how remote or challenging the journey.

AJG Parcel Delivery Times And Prices

AJG’s versatile parcel delivery systems – and responsive customer service – mean that you have a high degree of control over when your parcel arrives. You can also adjust their prices according to the weight and size of the items or item that you need safely delivering to Scotland or beyond.

As a guide, if you were to drop your parcel at one of AJG’s convenient drop-off points, for onward delivery to an address in Scotland, the cost would start from £15.99 plus VAT. Their expertise and technology means you can select from a range of time slots for your parcel delivery throughout Scotland – including a pre-booked slot of 7.30am for major towns and cities. With AJG parcel delivery, you even have the option of your item or items reaching their destination on a Saturday.

Among the other options to tailor this Scottish parcel delivery service include adding additional cover if your parcel contents are particularly valuable, or asking AJG parcels to secure a receipt signature when they deliver your goods, gifts or personal items.

Do you need bulk shipping or regular deliveries of parcels in Scotland? Then AJG can quote for that too, using our easy-to-use quick quote and comparison system.

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