Standard delivery is one of the most popular options for people looking to send their items quickly and efficiently but without urgency. How long does standard delivery take? Anywhere from 3 days to 5. Standard shipping is typically known as 3 days plus delivery. For retailers or businesses, 3 day delivery can be one of the most cost effective solutions for having their products delivered cheaply while keeping their customers satisfied. Individuals may simply be sending a gift or item which they need delivered in a timely manner. Whatever your reason for choosing standard shipping, Parcel Delivery can help you to find the ideal delivery solution to suit your budget.

When you choose a quality standard delivery service, you can rest assured that your delivery will arrive on time and that it is cared for during transit. Some courier companies even offer additional compensation cover included with the cost of standard delivery, which will help to protect your items from loss or damage up to an agreed amount. Parcels of all sizes can be sent and tracked, both in the UK and internationally, using standard shipping, or 3 days plus delivery UK.

Cheap 3 Days Plus Delivery

Most people choose standard shipping because they are looking for a cost effective delivery solution. Despite your package arriving in as little as 3 days, you may think that standard shipping is still expensive. However, there are many couriers offering an affordable solution to 3 day delivery (standard shipping). If you’re a business looking to maximise profits, choosing cheap 3 days plus delivery UK is an ideal solution, as your customers will receive their items quickly without a significant cost to you. Our comparison service can be particularly helpful for helping you to identify the best courier for your budget.

Most couriers in the UK will offer an efficient and tracked delivery service, regardless of the cost of delivery. This means that you can track the process of your delivery, allowing you to answer any customer queries regarding the location of their items. Additionally, you can receive an email confirmation when your item has arrived to offer you peace of mind that your item has arrived on time.

Although standard shipping is an ideal solution for people who are looking for a quick and secure parcel delivery, it is not a recorded service. This means that most couriers do not require a signature from the recipient upon the item’s arrival. If you’re sending valuable or important items, we’d recommend using special delivery instead. However, if you’re not sending valuable items but still require some additional security there are a number of options available. For an extra fee, you could add insurance to your parcel. Some couriers offer an affordable, one-off payment for standard parcel delivery which could cover you for loss or damages of up to £20,000. Look out for couriers offering an inclusive insurance cover of up to £50 as this is usually enough to cover the loss or damage of small items commonly sent using standard shipping, which is also known as 3 days plus delivery UK.

3 Days Plus Delivery Prices

You may be wondering exactly how much 3 days plus delivery UK is going to cost. The cost of standard delivery varies considerably depending on the following factors:

The size of the package – You will need to measure the height, width and length of your package before sending to ensure that you have selected the right delivery option for your package. Taking accurate measurements will also enable you to receive a detailed quote to fit your exact delivery needs.

The weight of the package – As with the size of the package, you’ll need to weigh your package and give an accurate figure to receive an appropriate quote. The heavier your parcel is, the more expensive it will be to send.

The number of packages – If you are sending a bulk order out it is going to be more expensive than sending an individual parcel. However, there are many couriers available which offer a discount for bulk deliveries.

The distance of delivery – Sending a parcel a short distance, such as from Essex to London, is going to cost less than sending a parcel internationally from the UK to Canada or elsewhere.

In comparison to special delivery or next day delivery, there are fairly limited options when it comes to standard delivery. That is because it is one of the most cost effective parcel delivery solutions, getting your parcel delivered securely and safely in just three days. However, customers can opt for additional tracking services from some couriers, allowing them to follow the process of their delivery rather than simply receiving dispatch and arrival confirmation. At Parcel Delivery, we provide an in-depth comparison service which will allow you to choose a courier to suit your personal requirements and budget.

Useful Information About 3 Days Plus Delivery

To receive an accurate quote and find the best courier for your standard shipping needs, fill our quick quote form online. You will simply need to provide the size and weight of the package, including height, width and length, and the destination details, such as collection postcode and delivery location. This will ensure that you get a quote to match your exact requirements.

Most couriers allow individuals to place orders at any time of day, seven days a week. Orders are generally processed by the next working day and will be collected and delivered within three days.

As standard shipping delivery services are not generally recorded, which means they do not require a signature upon delivery, you are able to send your items at any time without needing to consult the recipient beforehand to make sure that they are able to be around to sign for the delivery. This makes 3 day parcel delivery, or standard parcel shipping an ideal solution for quick and easy parcel delivery.

There a wide variety of options available to tailor the standard shipping to your needs. The main benefit of 3 day delivery is that it is a highly affordable and secure solution for the parcel delivery of items of all sizes. Use our quick online comparison service today to find the ideal courier for your 3 day delivery needs, or standard shipping company.